Happy Thursday

Topic of the Day: Book Length
On my Facebook page, I have almost exclusively authors as friends and of course e-pubbing is a major topic of conversation, either through an e-pub like Evernight or self-publishing. Yesterday, one of my friends asked ‘what is the proper length for an e-book’. The responses were varied, though many seemed to think 50k was a good length, primarily because any longer the e-pubs charge more than $4.99 which they thought was the price point for a romance novel. A second response offered also that the 50k mark was good because attention spans are getting shorter.

Those are all good points, but I of course had to chime in with my thoughts.  I like reading long books and nothing sours me on an author I might want to try out, fork out my $5.99 (the same as many traditional publishers charge for authors who write the 400+ page books), and find out the book’s only 200 or so pages.

It’s hard to find book length with some of the e-pubs. I love the fact that Evernight actually shows the word count if you hover your mouse over a book’s cover art on their website. I’m a heck of a lot more likely to buy a book if I know it’ll be likely to give me 3-4 hours entertainment. The typical category book (like Harlequin Presents – yes, I blow through those like they’re pringles) runs about 50k (approx. 189 pages as memory serves) and I can read those in 1.5 hours if I force myself to read really, REALLY slow (slow for me anyway). If I’m into the book, I can down one of them in 45-60 minutes.

So, question for you out in the audience: what sort of word count (or page count if that’s easier for you) do you look for in your books, and why?

Blood Rage Update:
I have to give full props to Evernight. They’re fast with getting cover art. I submitted my description last Thursday and I got a mock up last night! And of course, it’s gorgeous. Made this whole thing feel really real. No reveal on it yet, because I had a couple of questions about it, but soon. Very soon, I promise.

The artist they use is incredible. Check out the incomparable Dara England’s work.

Upcoming Features:
My posting of late has been spotty, at best, save for my Six Sentence Sunday entries. With the upcoming debut, I’m trying to add more structure. A feature that will be added starting in January some time will be author interviews. I’ve gotten several who’ve already agreed to take part.

Question for you: Is there a day of the week when you’re more/less likely inclined to read such articles?

Have a great day, ladies and gentlemen!



  1. Congrats on your book sale again Tory! As for book lengths, I really don't look at the word or page count, I'm more interested in the story and characters. As long as the story is well written and fun and interesting, I don't care if it's a full length novel or a novella. And I do love Harlequin. Even though they are quick reads, I always enjoy their stories. It's just enough time to escape from the world for awhile and fall in love :)Now, for you final question about days I'd read interviews and such…I'm up for any day of the week. I find it more difficult to visit blogs on weekends, but that's only because I work both Saturday and Sunday for about 13 to 14 hours each, so it's hard to grab a minute to stop by.


  2. I prefer longer books – makes me feel I'm getting value for my money. This is especially the case when I'm shopping on Amazon UK. Anything more than 62p, I'll look at the file size and number of pages to see if it'll bring me a longer read or something that I could've gotten for 62p even.On the whole, I'm drawn to novels, and I'm a fast reader too – a Harlequin book goes down in a little over an hour. 🙂


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