Six Sentence Sunday (12/18/11) – #sixsunday

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying all the wonderful entries that are posted for this week’s merry-go-round ride. This week’s selection comes from my debut novel, Blood Rage, due out in February 2012. (Yes, I just had to say that out loud…hehehe, I’m gettin’ published, woot!)

Two hundred years ago, Dara and Anthony split and shortly thereafter she was brutally assaulted and scarred badly and would have died if not converted to a vampire. Anthony hasn’t seen her naked since then and she’s terrified he’s going to turn away when he sees what they did to her. She’s just turned to face him, after taking all her clothes off.

His breath caught in his throat but he said nothing. Dark eyes trailed over her torso, along the quadruple line of claw marks that ripped her from right shoulder to left hip, overlaid with a mishmash of knife cuts and claw gouges that left no more than an inch of undisturbed flesh anywhere over her chest and abdomen. The scars continued down her legs and even, though Anthony wouldn’t see them, onto the bottom of her feet.

“You are exquisite, Athdara Genevieve,” he whispered in reverent tones. Her gaze, centered on the plush carpet at his feet, shot up in disbelief. “How could you ever doubt that?”

Well, that’s it for me for this week.  I hope you enjoyed and will come back next week for more from this same scene.  To check out more entries from the SSS wheel, please visit the official website.



  1. Thanks for dropping by everyone and the well-wishes on the contract.@Eleri – That's what I was going for, so thank you. @Laura Kaye – Yeah, I know what you mean. I get kinda tired of the somewhat perfect heroines that are in romances these days. Dara's chubby and scarred. Anthony can't gripe about the former, since he's the one who fed her. @Wendy – Anthony's such a white knight. Heh. :)@Alix, Karla, Lia, Brenda, & Zee – you're awesome for coming by. Have a great day ladies.


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