I’m gonna be published!

Wow – you wouldn’t think that a blog post with that title would be hard to write, would you? And yet I dawdled over this for the past couple of hours (okay, 12 hours since it was official last night).

Blood Rage, the first in my Dream-Walker War series, is going to be published in February by Evernight Publishing. I turned in the contract and cover art questionnaire last night and have already been added to their authors group on Facebook.  OMG – I got to answer a cover-art questionnaire. Wahoo! Evernight wasn’t the only one who offered on Rage. I had a second possibility this year, but elected to go with EP. I adore the cover art the company uses.

Now finishing War is more important than ever because I’d like to get it out shortly after Rage, just to build up a little bit of momentum.

Do I have doubts? Of course, who doesn’t? Should I have held out for an agent, gone the traditional route? Some would say yes, that I’m being too impatient and that’s probably somewhat true. I certainly intend to keep up the agent hunt with subsequent works.

Still, for the moment, I’m going to bask in the glee. I’m gonna be published!



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