Six Sentence Sunday (12/11/11) – #sixsunday

Welcome to your next entry in the SixSentenceSunday carousel. Hope you’re enjoying the ride. If you’ve never been here before, welcome. If you’re a return face, always glad to see you come back for more.

This week’s entry is from War, toward the beginning. Jordan has just announced he’s in the vampire leadership, a secret he’d kept from Chris until now. Given their combustible relationship, his response to hers has a decided double meaning.

She thudded her head against the back of her chair and opened her eyes to glower up at him. Jordan gave her a beatific smile as she slapped her forehead in the classic ‘doh’ mode.
     “I’m f**ked.”
     He tapped the glasses together lightly, held one up to her in toast and rocked up on his toes. With an insufferable grin, he said, “Not yet, Chrissy, but you will be. I guarantee it.”

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  1. Loved your excerpt, Tory. And re your other post of today, please keep going at it. Your hubby's right – don't give up. And how cute, twin girls – but I'm sure it's a lot of work! I relate to the Christmas tree and the yanking bit…I have a two and a half year old boy and I had to forgo the big tree this year. Just a little one where he can't reach…


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