Life update

On ChildrenWhew, it’s been a bit since my last non-Six Sunday post and my apologies. Life got a bit crazy, as it is likely to do when you’ve got twins under 9 months old.

Jackie took her first steps this morning according to the husband. I was at Starbucks working on War, so I missed the occasion, but he says she let go of the couch and took two steps before plopping down again.  Sam, on the other hand, refuses to even push herself into a sitting position or pull all the way up to a standing position most of the time. However, she doesn’t really need to walk to get where she wants to go. Sam is a lil’ speed demon. Jackie just chills and wanders around as she feels like it.

We got a play yard for them because I spent all of yesterday yanking them away from the Christmas tree. Whew, exhausting. I don’t know how my sainted mother-in-law has survived them until now with them mobile and uncorralled.

Garrett, my adorable lil’ boy (at the moment he’s in my good graces heh), he’s playing “fetch the Sammie”. Sam hates the play yard, so we let her out. Garrett’s being a saint and retrieving her whenever she gets too close to the tree. Jackie’s quite content in the play yard playing with Buzz Lightyear.

On Writing
I’ve been trying to finish War. Got a draft done, sans a couple of scenes and went through for a pass at actual edits, rather than rewrite. That went quickly. Still missing said scenes and now the ending is being redone, but hopefully soon. I’d like to move onto a different project soon.

Once again I found myself on the fence about taking a particular action with respect to my writing. It will determine what happens to the entire Dream-Walker War series, so it’s a rough decision. Hubby’s encouraging toward it, others are cautioning, et cetera. I need to get off my Libra fence and make a choice. But what if it’s the wrong choice? ARGH!

That’s as specific as I want to be at the moment. I’ll decide within the next week or so and then fill y’all in on the specifics.

Have you ever felt like you were standing at a crossroads? How did you make your decision and do you regret whatever you chose?


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