Six Sentence Sunday (11/27/11) – #sixsunday

Thank you so much, all of you who came by last week, and thank you choosing to visit me again this week. This comes from my current (thankfully almost finished at long-last) WIP Blood War (seriously considering a change in title, but not sure what to, quite yet). Jordan’s presence is being requested at a powwow with his rival, Anthony, who has just told him he needs to be polite to the third member (Chris) of the group. Anthony is unaware Jordan and Chris have spoken since a rather…um…nasty pair of incidents some centuries ago (he buried her alive and after she escaped, she set Jordan’s townhouse on fire, with him trapped inside, staked to the wall through a rather sensitive part of his anatomy, among other places).

     “She’s not the one who took a stake to the…”
     “I’m aware of where she staked you, Jordan. I think she should have cut it off, personally, but there you have it.”
     Quite a statement from a person who rarely let anything ruffle his calm demeanor. “You’re unusually blunt these days, old man.”
     “These are unusual times.”

Thanks again for coming by. Please visit the official
Six Sentence Sunday website and check out the other entries this week. Have a great week!



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