Just a quick post to add to the other blogs out there saying Happy Thanksgiving.

I don’t normally like to talk about being grateful, though I try to make sure I always thank people when they need it.  However, here’s my “thankful for” list:

  1. My mother-in-law. Not only has she done (and will do) almost all the Thanksgiving cooking (which is probably good since I only bake, not cook), but she has been a God-send in the eight months since the girls were born. I’ve started pricing daycares and…yeah. I appreciate her even more right now, with the prices involved.
  2. That my girls came out healthy with only minimal problems at being born at 35 weeks. They’re now perfect lil’ babies (even if one doesn’t believe in sleep).
  3. My husband. He keeps me around and loves me even when I’m cranky.
  4. My boy. He’s funny and a pain in the butt, and wonderful.
  5. Thankful to have a job with awesome co-workers and a fabulous boss.
  6. Incredibly grateful that my mom’s no longer in pain and hopefully happy with Daddy now.

That’s my major things to be grateful. How about you?


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