Moving Along

This has been a very long week. Between work stresses (just crazy busy) and babies who refuse to sleep through the night, the week, it’s just taken forever for the weekend to get here. I got to swim three times this week and I’m up to a mile at a time, which is pretty good for just starting out. About the only really good thing is I finally have broken through the problem area in Blood Dreams and am about to hit the second half, which should mostly fit with the first half. I’ll have to tweak a few things as I go along, but at this point the second draft should move along quickly, which I’m relieved about since this draft has now dragged on twice as long as the initial draft did and I’m just about half way through. I may cross the 100k threshhold though, which would be different for me. Hopefully I can at least get some feedback on the second draft. I’ll try again with the CP’s. Anyone out there wanna swap work?

It’s very strange, the development of the characters. Even though the plot may remain mostly the same, the characters continue to grow and change from how I originally pictured them when I started writing. Chris has flipflopped (mostly because I tried to force her to become something that subconsciously I didn’t want her to be) from good girl, to pretty screwed up, and now back to a somewhat good girl. Middle ground, I guess. Jordan has gone from being pure evil to a bit more laid back and well-rounded, and now he’s shifting again. Still with his dark core, but there’s even more surfacing.

Now, on to cover art. Not because I have a contract (though hope springs eternal on that front), but because in waiting to see if a piece has been accepted/rejected, I’ve been looking at covers from that particular publisher, and perusing their samples (they have some small free read pieces). I’m not sure I

So, my question of the week!  For those of you published (or even thinking about submitting to e-publishers), have you let the cover art of already created work influence your final decision on whether to submit (or in the end accept a contract) to a particular publisher?



  1. Hi Tory, when I'm selecting a book to read, the cover is usually the first thing to grab my attention. But when I submit, I haven't let that rule my decision. Generally, as the author, you get some feedback into your cover art. Most epubs ask you for your input, how you visualize your cover or if you have examples of covers you'd like. So I've never let that make my decision.Good luck with your edits…the more you write, the easier it gets!


  2. Christine, thanks for your answer about covers, because yes I did allow covers to influence me about where I sub. But now that I know the authors have some input, well that makes me feel better. The cover is SOOOOOO dang important!I guess my answer would be yes, Tory! But now maybe I better rethink it, LOL.


  3. Yes, writers do have some input: you send in a cover art request along with your signed contract and first edit.That being said, most house do have a certain 'look' to all their covers. I'm a big goner for stock images/photography-type covers, and my publisher, Noble Romance, has such covers and that didn't take away from my decision to sub to them. But I don't really like the drawn, dark types of fantasy covers, and I know some places have them as such. I might just put them a little further down my sub list, because I prefer crisp, photo-type covers.So yeah, I'm biased – because I know what I'm looking for in a cover, I want my readers to get that kind of deal too from my books. But if a publisher is worth its salt and the cover still doesn't meet my expectations, I'd still go ahead with them. 🙂


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