Six Sentence Sunday (11/6/11) – #sixsunday

This week’s entry comes from Blood Rage. Despite being almost two centuries old, the heroine (Dara) has never killed before and they’re about to go confront the man who just murdered her niece. She naturally wants revenge and is trying to psyche herself up to go in and torture/kill the man. In an effort to help her, Jordan’s talking about the first time he killed someone (he’s been around for a long time and, as previous SSS entries have demonstrated, he’s not the nicest person in the world).

“The first time is always hardest.  I remember my first kill – my little brother, as he lay in the cradle.  I felt sick for days afterward, even as I remembered the thrill upon seeing the startled look on his face when I buried the dagger in his chest.  I believe I was eleven at the time.”  His voice gentled, and he almost seemed kind when he continued.  β€œI had nothing to help me with that moment and no matter what or who you are deep inside, there is no escaping the finality of that first kill, the reality of it.” 

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