Going Through the Motions

Life is full. What can you expect when there are twin infants (can you believe they’re almost 7.5 months old already?), a kindergartner, two in-laws, a husband, and me, plus a full-time job? Sometimes it makes getting writing time in a challenge, but so what? Tons of writers out there face the same (or more – there are stay-at-home moms who home school their broods, and get writing time in.

I’m trying, but it’s involving some odd hours (lately one or the other of the girls have been waking up somewhere in the 3a hour, and I’ve been staying up from there to get some time in). Naturally, this means my backside’s dragging by 8:30 or 9p. Hubby’s not really thrilled and thinks I need more sleep (which I probably do – not that I’d ever admit he might be right about something).

I’m also finally making progress.  Draft 2’s almost to the 45k mark, I’ve finally been able to envision a scene that, until yesterday, had always just been a “this is what’s supposed to happen” rather than actually seeing how it plays out. This is progress. Now to write it, and then move on to the second half, which should play out as Draft 1 did, for the most part so should go faster. One can hope, and there will need to be either a second rewrite, or serious tweaking of the first half. Hopefully though this time I can get some feedback before I do. I need it because I no longer have any perspective on what I’ve written in the first half. Urgh.

I’ve already retitled the series to be the Dream-Walker War. Blood Dreams may get a new title, but I’m not sure what.

On Children
Halloween was fun with the boy. He brought in one heck of a haul. He dressed as Iron Man again this year, but as the gray one but he used a red Iron Man mask because the eye holes were bigger.

The girls are still flirting with sleeping through the night. Sometimes they’ll make it (usually Jackie), sometimes they won’t. Tonight Sam made it to 3:30 before she woke up. As of this writing, Jackie’s still asleep. Woot! It’s frustrating because some think they should be sleeping through right now. I think they’re having trouble making it to a decent hour simply because they go to bed between 7 & 8, whereas most babies I hear tale of go down somewhere between 8:30 and 10. Check out the cuteness from Sunday when we went out!

Here’s Jackie, sitting up in her first restaurant high chair.
Sam, not quite sitting up on her own yet.

So – here are my questions to you. 1) If you have babies (or had them), when did you put them down for the night, and when did they start routinely making it until morning before they demanded food? 2) Do you ever lose perspective on your WIPs to the point you feel you can’t tell if it needs something any more?



  1. Hi Tory, I'm not going to be much help. I was really lucky with all 3 of my kids. My oldest 2 slept through the night from the time they were born. I actually called the doctor about my first because she'd sleep for 10 hours. At that time I was told not to wake them if they slept, but it concerned me. He basically told me to county my blessings. lol My youngest had his clock switched around and was up all night and slept all day, which was hard, but it took me about 2 weeks to turn him around. So no advice for you there. Sorry.As for writing and struggling with a work in progress. I have been in that boat and to tell you the truth I generally put the story aside and start something new or return to another story that is partially written and had been giving me troubles. Sometimes just mulling them over in your subconscious, even though it might take weeks or months, is enough to have you come back to them with a fresh perspective!Happy writing!!


  2. My oldest son was a terrible sleeper. I thought I was going to go insane I was so tired. Sorry, I have no advice. He eventually grew out of waking up all the time. My second child was a great sleeper. LOL, I was like Christine, I was worried he was sleeping too much. As for struggling with a WIP, I've been there, but I'm very bull-headed. I keep at the story until I can tack an ending on. LOL, not saying the story is great, but I can't stop one project and start another. I heard years ago that unfinished things–in this case writing–saps a person's strength. We should always strive to complete each project. Not sure how true that is.


  3. Tory,Kids are so unpredictable. My eight year old still wakes up once a night and finds her way into my room, but as a baby she slept through the night, fairly early on. She was a late walker and then when she learned to walk, she didn't just walk, she ran and still does. My son (now 17) was up every three hours and to this day, still stays up late at night and sleeps in on the weekend. I'm sorry I don't have any words of wisdom :(As for writing. I'm always second guessing myself and my ability. I push through. I might not write the 1000 words I had planned, but a paragraph and then maybe my next thoughts to remind me where I was heading for tomorrow. I just read a book Writing Romances "A handbook by the RWA) and Christina Dodd writes that she still thinks that she felt like a fraud and that she knew the writing police were after her 🙂 I haven't been writing long, but I'm observant. The comments I've read and received lead me to believe that the learning never stops and the doubt still niggles in the back of our mind. The goal should be just to "never give up." Writing makes me happy and now I don't think I could live without it.Enjoy the kiddies while their still young, because before you know it, they turn into teenagers, young adults and then you have an empty nest. I enjoyed the post and I think most if not all mothers can relate and do feel your pain :)Tomi w/a Kate AllentonMember of Enchanting the Muse 🙂 One of the best groups of writers around 🙂


  4. Your kids are soo cute!I used to put my son to sleep between 6-7pm, and he stopped the night feed around 10 months. But he still woke up at night, sometimes for water, sometimes to talk *grin*, until he was about 27 months old. After that, he really slept through for the whole night. Around 1 year, he stopped napping during the day, or 30 minutes tops, and that helped with not waking up too much at night. As for a WIP, if it's not working, it's not working – that's how I view mine. I'll usually set it aside and work on something else, in the meantime my brain will usually be working unconsciously on that story I left and sooner or later I will get hit by the 'aha!' moment when I figure out what was wrong with it. I'm a plotter though, so that might be why this approach works for me.Sorry I can't be of more help – but hats off to you to trying to make it all work and managing too, it appears. 🙂 XOXO


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