Six Sentence Sunday (11/27/11) – #sixsunday

Thank you so much, all of you who came by last week, and thank you choosing to visit me again this week. This comes from my current (thankfully almost finished at long-last) WIP Blood War (seriously considering a change in title, but not sure what to, quite yet). Jordan’s presence is being requested at a powwow with his rival, Anthony, who has just told him he needs to be polite to the third member (Chris) of the group. Anthony is unaware Jordan and Chris have spoken since a rather…um…nasty pair of incidents some centuries ago (he buried her alive and after she escaped, she set Jordan’s townhouse on fire, with him trapped inside, staked to the wall through a rather sensitive part of his anatomy, among other places).

     “She’s not the one who took a stake to the…”
     “I’m aware of where she staked you, Jordan. I think she should have cut it off, personally, but there you have it.”
     Quite a statement from a person who rarely let anything ruffle his calm demeanor. “You’re unusually blunt these days, old man.”
     “These are unusual times.”

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Just a quick post to add to the other blogs out there saying Happy Thanksgiving.

I don’t normally like to talk about being grateful, though I try to make sure I always thank people when they need it.  However, here’s my “thankful for” list:

  1. My mother-in-law. Not only has she done (and will do) almost all the Thanksgiving cooking (which is probably good since I only bake, not cook), but she has been a God-send in the eight months since the girls were born. I’ve started pricing daycares and…yeah. I appreciate her even more right now, with the prices involved.
  2. That my girls came out healthy with only minimal problems at being born at 35 weeks. They’re now perfect lil’ babies (even if one doesn’t believe in sleep).
  3. My husband. He keeps me around and loves me even when I’m cranky.
  4. My boy. He’s funny and a pain in the butt, and wonderful.
  5. Thankful to have a job with awesome co-workers and a fabulous boss.
  6. Incredibly grateful that my mom’s no longer in pain and hopefully happy with Daddy now.

That’s my major things to be grateful. How about you?

Six Sentence Sunday (11/20/11) – #sixsunday

Thanks to everyone who came by last week, despite my apparently inability to count to six (the entry only had 5 sentences and got cut from the list of links).  I’ve done my best to be certain I didn’t make the same mistake this week.

This week’s entry comes from the end of the first chapter of Blood Dreams. Chris just arrived home and discovers someone broke into her townhouse. He’s invisible, but taunting her into a practice brawl.

     “Show yourself, you piece of crap.”
     The air in front of her swirled, mist heretofore unseen coalesced and just like that, there he stood. Just a smidge taller than she, swimmer’s lean physique wrapped in a three-piece navy suit sans jacket, topped with an angel’s too-pretty face, the Bloody Baron smiled pleasantly enough with his hands thrust in his vest pockets. Blond hair, impeccably combed into place, brushed his forehead just above brilliant green eyes that could alternate between passion and ice in less than a blink. He smiled, showing his fangs. “Always a pleasure to see you too, Chrissy.”

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Six Sentence Sunday (11/13/11) – #sixsunday

The entry below comes from Blood Dreams. Christine just woke up to find herself buried alive, the coffin mostly filled with water. She quickly discovers she’s not alone in there.

Water lapped at her temples, almost covering her face, but not quite. The water didn’t fill the box but came high enough to make it a worse hell than the one Jordan buried her in two centuries ago. She vowed not to scream. Marcelo would find her, and until then there was no need to panic.

 Her vow lasted exactly three seconds, right up to the moment something cold and scaly slithered across her belly.

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Moving Along

This has been a very long week. Between work stresses (just crazy busy) and babies who refuse to sleep through the night, the week, it’s just taken forever for the weekend to get here. I got to swim three times this week and I’m up to a mile at a time, which is pretty good for just starting out. About the only really good thing is I finally have broken through the problem area in Blood Dreams and am about to hit the second half, which should mostly fit with the first half. I’ll have to tweak a few things as I go along, but at this point the second draft should move along quickly, which I’m relieved about since this draft has now dragged on twice as long as the initial draft did and I’m just about half way through. I may cross the 100k threshhold though, which would be different for me. Hopefully I can at least get some feedback on the second draft. I’ll try again with the CP’s. Anyone out there wanna swap work?

It’s very strange, the development of the characters. Even though the plot may remain mostly the same, the characters continue to grow and change from how I originally pictured them when I started writing. Chris has flipflopped (mostly because I tried to force her to become something that subconsciously I didn’t want her to be) from good girl, to pretty screwed up, and now back to a somewhat good girl. Middle ground, I guess. Jordan has gone from being pure evil to a bit more laid back and well-rounded, and now he’s shifting again. Still with his dark core, but there’s even more surfacing.

Now, on to cover art. Not because I have a contract (though hope springs eternal on that front), but because in waiting to see if a piece has been accepted/rejected, I’ve been looking at covers from that particular publisher, and perusing their samples (they have some small free read pieces). I’m not sure I

So, my question of the week!  For those of you published (or even thinking about submitting to e-publishers), have you let the cover art of already created work influence your final decision on whether to submit (or in the end accept a contract) to a particular publisher?

Six Sentence Sunday (11/6/11) – #sixsunday

This week’s entry comes from Blood Rage. Despite being almost two centuries old, the heroine (Dara) has never killed before and they’re about to go confront the man who just murdered her niece. She naturally wants revenge and is trying to psyche herself up to go in and torture/kill the man. In an effort to help her, Jordan’s talking about the first time he killed someone (he’s been around for a long time and, as previous SSS entries have demonstrated, he’s not the nicest person in the world).

“The first time is always hardest.  I remember my first kill – my little brother, as he lay in the cradle.  I felt sick for days afterward, even as I remembered the thrill upon seeing the startled look on his face when I buried the dagger in his chest.  I believe I was eleven at the time.”  His voice gentled, and he almost seemed kind when he continued.  “I had nothing to help me with that moment and no matter what or who you are deep inside, there is no escaping the finality of that first kill, the reality of it.” 

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Going Through the Motions

Life is full. What can you expect when there are twin infants (can you believe they’re almost 7.5 months old already?), a kindergartner, two in-laws, a husband, and me, plus a full-time job? Sometimes it makes getting writing time in a challenge, but so what? Tons of writers out there face the same (or more – there are stay-at-home moms who home school their broods, and get writing time in.

I’m trying, but it’s involving some odd hours (lately one or the other of the girls have been waking up somewhere in the 3a hour, and I’ve been staying up from there to get some time in). Naturally, this means my backside’s dragging by 8:30 or 9p. Hubby’s not really thrilled and thinks I need more sleep (which I probably do – not that I’d ever admit he might be right about something).

I’m also finally making progress.  Draft 2’s almost to the 45k mark, I’ve finally been able to envision a scene that, until yesterday, had always just been a “this is what’s supposed to happen” rather than actually seeing how it plays out. This is progress. Now to write it, and then move on to the second half, which should play out as Draft 1 did, for the most part so should go faster. One can hope, and there will need to be either a second rewrite, or serious tweaking of the first half. Hopefully though this time I can get some feedback before I do. I need it because I no longer have any perspective on what I’ve written in the first half. Urgh.

I’ve already retitled the series to be the Dream-Walker War. Blood Dreams may get a new title, but I’m not sure what.

On Children
Halloween was fun with the boy. He brought in one heck of a haul. He dressed as Iron Man again this year, but as the gray one but he used a red Iron Man mask because the eye holes were bigger.

The girls are still flirting with sleeping through the night. Sometimes they’ll make it (usually Jackie), sometimes they won’t. Tonight Sam made it to 3:30 before she woke up. As of this writing, Jackie’s still asleep. Woot! It’s frustrating because some think they should be sleeping through right now. I think they’re having trouble making it to a decent hour simply because they go to bed between 7 & 8, whereas most babies I hear tale of go down somewhere between 8:30 and 10. Check out the cuteness from Sunday when we went out!

Here’s Jackie, sitting up in her first restaurant high chair.
Sam, not quite sitting up on her own yet.

So – here are my questions to you. 1) If you have babies (or had them), when did you put them down for the night, and when did they start routinely making it until morning before they demanded food? 2) Do you ever lose perspective on your WIPs to the point you feel you can’t tell if it needs something any more?