Friday Check-In

Helloooo out there campers!  It’s been a bad week, hence the late-in-the-week posting.

I’ll do the memorial posting I want to do for my mother, MaryAnn Chandler, God rest her soul, who passed Monday morning another date.  This is just a quick hey there, everyone.

I’ve started a new blog to deal with my ongoing weight/food temptation battle, because I didn’t feel like all and sundry reading it who subscribes to my writer’s blog.  If you’re curious, just click here and check it out.  It’s more to keep me honest than garnering additional followers. 🙂

Finally, finally, finally, I figured out what was going wrong with the second draft of Blood War.  I had reached the halfway point, but other than a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of bickering and bantering between Jordan and Chris, very little actually happened.  Oh sure, there was a little run-in with an incubus, but that really didn’t do much to progress the storyline, and I’m not saying all the bantering didn’t serve a purpose, but Chris had no real urgency to get involved in the problem.  So, I added something and had to essentially toss almost 100 pages to go back to the incubus run-in (such a naughty boy, Marcelo).  Let’s see if the twitchy enthusiasm I dealt with all day yesterday will hold up and I’ll finally make some real headway. 

I deseperately needed the distraction because I’ve been brooding all week over the continued silence from every single one of the people who offered to beta/critique, which only added to the depression over my mother.  One backed out, and I appreciate her at least being honest with me that she didn’t have the time – AA, you’re awesome and good luck with your other CP’s.  Another – JD, I love you girl – checked out the change I made, which is what I needed more than anything else at this point, and seemed to think it worked, so at least I’ve got that.  So what if no one feeds back on the original ending?  It will probably change a bit now that I’ve got a different inciting event. 

On the children front – twins are really scooting along now.  Jackie can almost sit up by herself and if you put her in a sitting position, she can maintain it.  She loved the graham cracker I gave her last weekend and ate it by herself with little prompting.  Sammie didn’t seem as interested and didn’t quite have the pincer grasp to pick the food up.  Oh well.  The Shrimp keeps getting frowny faces in his school agenda every week or two.  ARGH.  He’s not following directions.  Oy vey.

How’d your week go?


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