Six Sentence Sunday (10/16/11) – #sixsunday

Welcome to this week’s Six Sentence Sunday.  If you want to know more about SSS, or to see a list of other participants, just click here.  Once again, we take an excerpt from the current WIP, Blood War.  Earlier in the evening, a half-breed incubus tried to abscond with Christine’s soul, before she was even aware demons existed in the modern world.  Jordan intervened and they’ve been discussing whether or not he has a soul, and why the demon went after her instead of him, when he’s the older (and therefore theoretically powerful) of the two of them.

     “…I know if I were a demon, I’d want you more.  Body and soul, Christine, you make an irresistable package.”

     In a strangled voice that refused to stay level no matter her effort, she said, “Thankfully, you’re not a demon.”

      He laughed, the sound husky and intimate in the basement as it mixed with the soft hum from the computers surrounding them. “No, definitely not a demon, just a man.”

      Jordan paused, as if waiting for a protest which she couldn’t muster, and when none came, he leaned forward and kissed her.

There you have it, this week’s six.  Hope you enjoyed them and will return next week.



  1. Oh, very interesting! Your third line felt a little distant, though. I'm not quite sure why… Maybe if she said the line first, then reflected on her voice… hmmm… sorry I can't be more specific…You could probably trim, 'surrounding them' from the line about computers. 🙂


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