Real Life Interference

As you regular followers know, I’ve been working on the second draft of Blood War.  As you might also have gathered, it is not going well.  I’ve been stuck at approximately the halfway point for almost a week at this point.  Yes, part of it appears to be writer’s block, and the rest is reality eating away time.

I try to get up somewhere between four and five to write.  Not necessarily a bad plan, but unfortunately, about half the time I have two hungry little girls who seem to think they need to wake up and be fed at some point in that two hour period.  And then yesterday, when I actually got up at 5, expecting them to sleep for another hour or two, I got my laptop up and running, opened Word…and fell asleep, sitting up on the couch, staring at the screen.

I try to get to work a half hour early or so, to squeeze in a little more writing time then, but that too has not gone well of late.  For the past week, I’ve been having to clock in early to make up time for being out one afternoon, and this week for two days I had to take the boy to the bus stop so I didn’t get to work until a half hour after my  normal clock-in time (8a).

Lunch is another prime time to work.  For the past week and a half, I’ve been either not taking a lunch break at all, or only 15-20 minutes, again to make up time I had to be off.  Or, in this week’s case, to make up for coming in half an hour late so I could still get home on time.  The in-laws are out of the state, so the husband and I are splitting the week at home with the twins.  I had to bring home beer on Monday to soothe his shattered nerves.  Heh.  I fully expect beer brought home today or tomorrow for my shattered nerves as today starts my 3-day stint at twin-care alone.

Once I get home, I barely have a chance to check email until after 8 (when all youngsters are in bed).  Then, hubby gets pissy if I don’t watch tv sans laptop, so not much time there.  I’m about to tell him pick two days a week that he wants me to watch with him, and the rest I’m going to write.  But by that hour, given when I get up, I’m falling asleep by 9 or so.

And let’s not even talk about the weekends.    The twins almost never sleep during the day at the same time.  Mistress Never Sleeps (aka Sammie, Twin B) rarely naps for more than 30 minutes at a time and other than her first up stint in the morning, goes bonkers if you’re not paying attention to her (as in on the floor, actually next to her, interacting in some fashion).  Mistress Crawly-Pants (aka Jackie, Twin A) loves her naps and plays happily by herself for long periods of time.  Oh, and she’s rolling/worming her way everywhere now.  It shouldn’t be long until she’s properly crawling.  Boy we’ll be in trouble then.

And then of course, the lil’ darlin’s are still getting up once in the night most of the time (somewhere between midnight and 4…it varies widely).

Ya know, if I didn’t actually need 5-6 hours sleep, I might get some writing time in. 

So, how do all of you deal with finding time to write?


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