Six Sentence Sunday (10/9/11) – #Sixsun

This week’s excerpt again comes from draft 1 of Blood War.  Chris is trying to do something she hasn’t done before and it’s taking a lot of strength.  As usual, she’s bickering with Jordan, who’s teaching her how to better use her magical talents.  She’s in a dream-passage and he’s in her head so he can observe.

“Gonna kill someone…”

“You’ve already done that,” he pointed out.

That bastard, he chose to bring the past up now?  “F**k you, MacNaught.”

“Technically, you’ve done that as well, on many occasions.”

Great, she’d brought a comedian along for the ride. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s six.  See you next week.


  1. Alix – Thanks!Nina – Much oblidged.Denny – Love to make people laugh, which is why I put far more of the 'funny' stuff than serious.Dee – Glad you came by.JM – Yeah. There's truly a love/hate dynamic between these two. At least on her side. Him…he wouldn't admit to such pitiful emotions as love if you held his feet to the fire.Thanks for coming by everyone.


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