End of the Post Season and so much more

BaseballWell, the baseball post season isn’t technically over, but for the Rays it is.  Thanks in no small part to Joe Maddon’s ridiculous tendency to use J.P. Howell in clutch situations.  The man hasn’t pitched worth a darned all season long since he came back from a year’s recovery from surgery.  Every single time I saw JP in this season, the Rays promptly lost the game.  It was no different this time.  In Game 3, Maddon put JP in while the Rays were down by a single run.  Two pitches later, they were down by 3.  WHY, Joe Maddon, WHY???

Tonight, the Tigers will try again to shut down the Yankees.  They were blown out Tuesday night, but hopefully they can send the Bombers home in flames tonight.  Likely a pipe dream, but hey – who’d have thought the Cardinals would force Game 5 with the terrifyingly good Phillies team?  Miracles do happen.

They’re growing and keep teasing me with sleeping through the night.  They both made it until 4 this morning.  Woot.

Draft Two of War
Not going so well.  I’m almost to the halfway point, and am adding in a section I left out the first time around (no, I’ve still dodged writing the sex scene – as a friend pointed out, I need to pull on my big-girl panties and just do it, but…blah.).  In it, my sociopath gets to show just why he’s feared as he tortures someone.  I won’t put the whole thing on camera, as it were, but still…It’ll be kinda gory, and I’ve never tried to write about torture before.  Referenced it, sure.

Ah well, the joys of writing.

How ’bout all of you?  How do you deal with writing something you haven’t before?


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