Phantom of the Opera

It’s my birthday.  Yes, I turned 35 today.  Pretty decent birthday, even if it started too early with the shrimpettes getting up at 6:45.  Phantom of the Operat turned 25 this year as well, and they beamed the 25th Anniversary stage production from Royal Albert Hall in London to select theatres here in the USA (and elsewhere in the world I’m assuming).  Hubby went with me to see it ’cause they aired one of the showings here in Jacksonville, Florida.

It was a lovely production and at the end, ALW himself came on stage to thank everyone…and he brought along some friends.  Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford (original Christine/Phantom for those philistines who don’t know that) showed up and Sarah sang Phantom, with 5 actors who’ve (I presume) played the Phantom, including the one in the current London production.  The oddity was that Michael Crawford didn’t join in – it may have something to do with his current contract to play The Wizard in the Webber/Rice show The Wizard of Oz at the London Paladium currently.

Strangely though, for the Phantoms I’ve now seen, Gerard Butler (as evidenced by the above picture) is my favorite (and hotest).  Crawford comes second (for voice and well, he’s the original freakin’ Webber Phantom).  The guy tonight comes third, though it’s a close race to whoever played it in the live version I saw.  His voice was a bit too rough for my taste.  I nearly cried at “Wishing You Were Here Again”, but the stage production I saw years ago and the movie version of “Past the Point of No Return” was better.

Overall, absolutely no regrets for the cost and time.  Anyone else out there go to see it?


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