Six Sentence Sunday (10/2/11)

This week’s entry is from Blood Dreams.  Chris just dumped a bucket of water on Jordan, following that up with a bale of hay, essentially tar and feathering him in a non-painful, non-dangerous way.  He’d pissed her off.  To her surprise, he didn’t get peeved at the prank, which is what she expected.  Instead, he gave her a pendant which resembles her favorite horse and enchanted to serve as a focus for magical ability, which they both have.

    Frustrated with the lack of response, suspicious of the focus even though an elementary, discreet spell showed no inherent danger in the pendant, Chris slid the chain over her head and tucked it beneath her shirt.  The charm nestled against the werewolf stake scar on her chest.
     She looked back at Jordan and her blood turned cold.  He smiled again, and this time there wasn’t a trace of the genial baron who’d long ago charmed his way into her bed.
      “Now, let’s deal with your attempt to make a point, shall we?” he growled through bared teeth and fangs.  A blast of wind slammed the wide double-doors of the stable shut, cutting off her best avenue for escape.


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