Six Sentence Sunday (10/30/11) – #sixsunday

This week’s entry comes from near the end of my first WIP, Blood Rage.  Jordan was trying to track down a group that murdered another character’s relative and discovered that someone else got to the man first.

     “St. Yves is dead, old man. I daresay it’s the same Loki that visited me in London.”
      “Damn it,” Anthony growled, his teeth grinding together. “Are you sure?”
     “Quite sure. It’s rather difficult to live when the top half of one’s body is separated from the lower half.”

Hope you liked and please, check out the other entrants for Six Sentence Sunday. You can find this week’s complete list of participants by visiting HERE. Have a great week!


Update on Life

Mom Deserves Better
As I believe I mentioned in last week’s Friday post, my mom passed away on 10/17.  From the get-go, I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to fly out for the memorial service what with flight costs being what they are and the troubles of keeping a family of seven (3 kids, 2 inlaws, and hubby/me) afloat. I was hoping that at the very least I would be able to attend the memorial service via Skype or something like that, and kept bugging my brother about when the service would be. I finally took matters into my own hands yesterday because I hadn’t heard, and called the man from Mom’s church who’s been helping Jim through this entire troubled time for him.  What did he tell me? There’s not going to be a memorial service!!!!!!!!

Why is that, I asked. I know Mom was a faithful attendee at their church for many years until her health descended to the point she couldn’t go any more. She tithed regularly, went through the temple rigamarole (she was Mormon), etc. The church people even did the temple stuff post-mortem for her before the cremation. She didn’t get a memorial service because they were waiting for my brother to get ahold of them, or something like that. Jim, every time I asked, told me he was waiting on THEM. So, Mom, who deserves so much more than a one-line, brief statement of “MaryAnn Chandler was born 6/8/39 and passed away on 10/17/11, as her obituary isn’t even going to get a service!

I take the blame for this, though I’d love to say “Oh, it’s not my fault, since he should be handling everything.” Maybe it was expecting too much, given how much emotional strife and upheaval he’s facing as his raison d’etre is now gone. But it never occured to me that something like this would fall through the cracks. Mama deserves better, and I let her down. Once again.

So, needless to say, I’m busy wallowing in guilt and misery today.

The Shrimp finished his first quarter of kindergarten. I’m so proud, but nervous b/c report cards are due out in a week and I don’t know for certain how he did.

Jackie can now sit up by herself and (mostly) crawl. She also, for the past three nights, has slept between 8 & 11 hours straight with no middle of the night feeding. Now if only I could say the same for Sam. One day we’ll get there, I know.

On Writing
On a good note, I finally broke through (it seems) the block I was having with War and have figured out how to move along. We shall see if any of the rest of Draft 1 gets used. I suspect at least part will since it overlays the Blood Rage storyline.

How’s everyone else’s life going?

(I decided to leave out the self-pitying rant that I started to post because it’s not fair to inflict my temper on everyone else…but damn I came close to hitting ‘post’ with it in.)

Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday (10/23/11) – #sixsunday

This week’s entry once again comes from Blood War. Jordan just tricked Chris into accepting his blood using magic to convince her he’s actually her best friend Anthony. Even in her weakened state, she’s picking up on the fact that her friend doesn’t sound quite right.  That doesn’t help her keep her mouth shut as her mind wanders and she makes an observation.

     Sometimes he sounded so English, hoity-toity. “You two sound alike sometimes. Not just right now, but you can both be pompous jackasses at times. Never tell him that, though. He’ll bury me again.”  
     “That’d be one way of keeping you out of trouble,” he mused.

 Hope you liked and come back next weekend.  Have a great week!

Friday Check-In

Helloooo out there campers!  It’s been a bad week, hence the late-in-the-week posting.

I’ll do the memorial posting I want to do for my mother, MaryAnn Chandler, God rest her soul, who passed Monday morning another date.  This is just a quick hey there, everyone.

I’ve started a new blog to deal with my ongoing weight/food temptation battle, because I didn’t feel like all and sundry reading it who subscribes to my writer’s blog.  If you’re curious, just click here and check it out.  It’s more to keep me honest than garnering additional followers. 🙂

Finally, finally, finally, I figured out what was going wrong with the second draft of Blood War.  I had reached the halfway point, but other than a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of bickering and bantering between Jordan and Chris, very little actually happened.  Oh sure, there was a little run-in with an incubus, but that really didn’t do much to progress the storyline, and I’m not saying all the bantering didn’t serve a purpose, but Chris had no real urgency to get involved in the problem.  So, I added something and had to essentially toss almost 100 pages to go back to the incubus run-in (such a naughty boy, Marcelo).  Let’s see if the twitchy enthusiasm I dealt with all day yesterday will hold up and I’ll finally make some real headway. 

I deseperately needed the distraction because I’ve been brooding all week over the continued silence from every single one of the people who offered to beta/critique, which only added to the depression over my mother.  One backed out, and I appreciate her at least being honest with me that she didn’t have the time – AA, you’re awesome and good luck with your other CP’s.  Another – JD, I love you girl – checked out the change I made, which is what I needed more than anything else at this point, and seemed to think it worked, so at least I’ve got that.  So what if no one feeds back on the original ending?  It will probably change a bit now that I’ve got a different inciting event. 

On the children front – twins are really scooting along now.  Jackie can almost sit up by herself and if you put her in a sitting position, she can maintain it.  She loved the graham cracker I gave her last weekend and ate it by herself with little prompting.  Sammie didn’t seem as interested and didn’t quite have the pincer grasp to pick the food up.  Oh well.  The Shrimp keeps getting frowny faces in his school agenda every week or two.  ARGH.  He’s not following directions.  Oy vey.

How’d your week go?

Six Sentence Sunday (10/16/11) – #sixsunday

Welcome to this week’s Six Sentence Sunday.  If you want to know more about SSS, or to see a list of other participants, just click here.  Once again, we take an excerpt from the current WIP, Blood War.  Earlier in the evening, a half-breed incubus tried to abscond with Christine’s soul, before she was even aware demons existed in the modern world.  Jordan intervened and they’ve been discussing whether or not he has a soul, and why the demon went after her instead of him, when he’s the older (and therefore theoretically powerful) of the two of them.

     “…I know if I were a demon, I’d want you more.  Body and soul, Christine, you make an irresistable package.”

     In a strangled voice that refused to stay level no matter her effort, she said, “Thankfully, you’re not a demon.”

      He laughed, the sound husky and intimate in the basement as it mixed with the soft hum from the computers surrounding them. “No, definitely not a demon, just a man.”

      Jordan paused, as if waiting for a protest which she couldn’t muster, and when none came, he leaned forward and kissed her.

There you have it, this week’s six.  Hope you enjoyed them and will return next week.

Real Life Interference

As you regular followers know, I’ve been working on the second draft of Blood War.  As you might also have gathered, it is not going well.  I’ve been stuck at approximately the halfway point for almost a week at this point.  Yes, part of it appears to be writer’s block, and the rest is reality eating away time.

I try to get up somewhere between four and five to write.  Not necessarily a bad plan, but unfortunately, about half the time I have two hungry little girls who seem to think they need to wake up and be fed at some point in that two hour period.  And then yesterday, when I actually got up at 5, expecting them to sleep for another hour or two, I got my laptop up and running, opened Word…and fell asleep, sitting up on the couch, staring at the screen.

I try to get to work a half hour early or so, to squeeze in a little more writing time then, but that too has not gone well of late.  For the past week, I’ve been having to clock in early to make up time for being out one afternoon, and this week for two days I had to take the boy to the bus stop so I didn’t get to work until a half hour after my  normal clock-in time (8a).

Lunch is another prime time to work.  For the past week and a half, I’ve been either not taking a lunch break at all, or only 15-20 minutes, again to make up time I had to be off.  Or, in this week’s case, to make up for coming in half an hour late so I could still get home on time.  The in-laws are out of the state, so the husband and I are splitting the week at home with the twins.  I had to bring home beer on Monday to soothe his shattered nerves.  Heh.  I fully expect beer brought home today or tomorrow for my shattered nerves as today starts my 3-day stint at twin-care alone.

Once I get home, I barely have a chance to check email until after 8 (when all youngsters are in bed).  Then, hubby gets pissy if I don’t watch tv sans laptop, so not much time there.  I’m about to tell him pick two days a week that he wants me to watch with him, and the rest I’m going to write.  But by that hour, given when I get up, I’m falling asleep by 9 or so.

And let’s not even talk about the weekends.    The twins almost never sleep during the day at the same time.  Mistress Never Sleeps (aka Sammie, Twin B) rarely naps for more than 30 minutes at a time and other than her first up stint in the morning, goes bonkers if you’re not paying attention to her (as in on the floor, actually next to her, interacting in some fashion).  Mistress Crawly-Pants (aka Jackie, Twin A) loves her naps and plays happily by herself for long periods of time.  Oh, and she’s rolling/worming her way everywhere now.  It shouldn’t be long until she’s properly crawling.  Boy we’ll be in trouble then.

And then of course, the lil’ darlin’s are still getting up once in the night most of the time (somewhere between midnight and 4…it varies widely).

Ya know, if I didn’t actually need 5-6 hours sleep, I might get some writing time in. 

So, how do all of you deal with finding time to write?

Six Sentence Sunday (10/9/11) – #Sixsun

This week’s excerpt again comes from draft 1 of Blood War.  Chris is trying to do something she hasn’t done before and it’s taking a lot of strength.  As usual, she’s bickering with Jordan, who’s teaching her how to better use her magical talents.  She’s in a dream-passage and he’s in her head so he can observe.

“Gonna kill someone…”

“You’ve already done that,” he pointed out.

That bastard, he chose to bring the past up now?  “F**k you, MacNaught.”

“Technically, you’ve done that as well, on many occasions.”

Great, she’d brought a comedian along for the ride. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s six.  See you next week.

End of the Post Season and so much more

BaseballWell, the baseball post season isn’t technically over, but for the Rays it is.  Thanks in no small part to Joe Maddon’s ridiculous tendency to use J.P. Howell in clutch situations.  The man hasn’t pitched worth a darned all season long since he came back from a year’s recovery from surgery.  Every single time I saw JP in this season, the Rays promptly lost the game.  It was no different this time.  In Game 3, Maddon put JP in while the Rays were down by a single run.  Two pitches later, they were down by 3.  WHY, Joe Maddon, WHY???

Tonight, the Tigers will try again to shut down the Yankees.  They were blown out Tuesday night, but hopefully they can send the Bombers home in flames tonight.  Likely a pipe dream, but hey – who’d have thought the Cardinals would force Game 5 with the terrifyingly good Phillies team?  Miracles do happen.

They’re growing and keep teasing me with sleeping through the night.  They both made it until 4 this morning.  Woot.

Draft Two of War
Not going so well.  I’m almost to the halfway point, and am adding in a section I left out the first time around (no, I’ve still dodged writing the sex scene – as a friend pointed out, I need to pull on my big-girl panties and just do it, but…blah.).  In it, my sociopath gets to show just why he’s feared as he tortures someone.  I won’t put the whole thing on camera, as it were, but still…It’ll be kinda gory, and I’ve never tried to write about torture before.  Referenced it, sure.

Ah well, the joys of writing.

How ’bout all of you?  How do you deal with writing something you haven’t before?

Phantom of the Opera

It’s my birthday.  Yes, I turned 35 today.  Pretty decent birthday, even if it started too early with the shrimpettes getting up at 6:45.  Phantom of the Operat turned 25 this year as well, and they beamed the 25th Anniversary stage production from Royal Albert Hall in London to select theatres here in the USA (and elsewhere in the world I’m assuming).  Hubby went with me to see it ’cause they aired one of the showings here in Jacksonville, Florida.

It was a lovely production and at the end, ALW himself came on stage to thank everyone…and he brought along some friends.  Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford (original Christine/Phantom for those philistines who don’t know that) showed up and Sarah sang Phantom, with 5 actors who’ve (I presume) played the Phantom, including the one in the current London production.  The oddity was that Michael Crawford didn’t join in – it may have something to do with his current contract to play The Wizard in the Webber/Rice show The Wizard of Oz at the London Paladium currently.

Strangely though, for the Phantoms I’ve now seen, Gerard Butler (as evidenced by the above picture) is my favorite (and hotest).  Crawford comes second (for voice and well, he’s the original freakin’ Webber Phantom).  The guy tonight comes third, though it’s a close race to whoever played it in the live version I saw.  His voice was a bit too rough for my taste.  I nearly cried at “Wishing You Were Here Again”, but the stage production I saw years ago and the movie version of “Past the Point of No Return” was better.

Overall, absolutely no regrets for the cost and time.  Anyone else out there go to see it?

Six Sentence Sunday (10/2/11)

This week’s entry is from Blood Dreams.  Chris just dumped a bucket of water on Jordan, following that up with a bale of hay, essentially tar and feathering him in a non-painful, non-dangerous way.  He’d pissed her off.  To her surprise, he didn’t get peeved at the prank, which is what she expected.  Instead, he gave her a pendant which resembles her favorite horse and enchanted to serve as a focus for magical ability, which they both have.

    Frustrated with the lack of response, suspicious of the focus even though an elementary, discreet spell showed no inherent danger in the pendant, Chris slid the chain over her head and tucked it beneath her shirt.  The charm nestled against the werewolf stake scar on her chest.
     She looked back at Jordan and her blood turned cold.  He smiled again, and this time there wasn’t a trace of the genial baron who’d long ago charmed his way into her bed.
      “Now, let’s deal with your attempt to make a point, shall we?” he growled through bared teeth and fangs.  A blast of wind slammed the wide double-doors of the stable shut, cutting off her best avenue for escape.