Six Months

I can’t believe my precious little girls are six months old now (as of last Thursday).  And now they’re wearing 9-12 month clothes, though they really don’t LOOK that big to me.  Check them out!

Taken yesterday, they finally got to wear outfits someone gave them when they were a month old.  And carrying them around in their carriers, we can’t believe how heavy they are!  Sam got her first tooth (and I think there’s a second one popping up too) the day before 6 months.  Jackie, based on her bitchy (and I mean that in the nicest, most loving mommy sort of way) personality, has been teething since the day she was born.  But nothing to show for it thus far. 

AND!  Best of all, they actually slept through the night last night.  Okay, well, until almost five this morning.  But that’s by far the best they’ve ever done and I’m so excite.  I had to keep pacifying them, but they didn’t demand food until almost 5.  Yippy!

Quick War update:
About a quarter through with the rewrite and have cut a few scenes and cleaned up others.  It’s going well, overall, I guess.  Fun times.

So – how is your life going?


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