Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s entry comes from my first completed WIP (under consideration at both an agent and a publisher, so while there’s an entry titled Rage is Dead, it’s not entirely dead yet).  The two characters, Athdara and Anthony, were lovers a long time ago, but he lied to her about something so she’s not very happy about his abrupt arrival at a speaking engagement.  Her niece (who physically is about 50 years older than her) has just been very polite, prompting Anthony’s observation.  They’re speaking telepathically as they’re in the midst of a crowded room.

* * *

     “Your lovely niece has proper manners.  Obviously you weren’t involved that much in raising her.  It is common courtesy to extend gratitude for…”

     “I said thank you,” she lied.

     What you said was, ‘I would thank you, Your Grace, but since it’s not my practice to converse with common murderers, I’ll save my breath’.”
     He had a mind like an elephant.

* * *

Hope to see y’all back next week (either for SSS or my normal weekly post). Have a great Sunday, everyone.



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