Five Months and Counting

I meant to post something on Monday, but it slipped my mind (not surprising, given how slippery my mind can be), but the Shrimpettes are now five plus months old!  Wowee, I can’t believe they (and I) have made it this long.

Sam can now roll from her back to her tummy as well as from her tummy to her back.  Allegedly, Jackie can do both too, but she will not demonstrate said capability to her mommy.  Heaven forbid.  They still refuse to sleep through the night, even to the piddly definition of 5+ hours in a single shot that the pediatricians give.  I’m lucky if they give us 4 hours and change.  An article in our local paper was talking about how much sleep kids need and it stated that kids from 3-11 months should sleep from 9-12 hours a night plus naps.  I think I’m lucky if they sleep twelve hours TOTAL for the entire day.

The Shrimp’s now been in school for a week.  He got a note home two days in a row regarding talking over the teacher (yikes).  There were some water works on Tuesday when he rode the bus for the first time to school.  Daddy felt so bad about how sad he looked, he went to Toys-R-Us and bought a plastic bowling ball set.  I’ll post pictures once I download them from the camera from when Shrimp went to school.

Blood War
Holy moly, it’s just flown out, after a somewhat torturous series of experiments to start it.  I’m now close to 80k, with about 3 scenes in the beginning that I need to go back to and the end scenes already written.  As you can see if you click on the widget to your right from Storytoolz, I’ve gotten this far in 26 days.  I was shooting to finish in 40, but (knock on wood), I may finish in just over 31, thereby rising to the challenge I accepted back in July to write a book in a month, along with @DeniseMSwank and @TrishMcCallan.  It just took the right book and the right month to settle in and do it.

However, though it’s been nice to turn my internal editor off and do the kitchen-sink pantsing thing…I can already see a lot of fixing it needs.  My thoughts on the overall plot changed course a couple of times and so it veers around a little.  Both the protagonists moodswing worse than a woman pregnant with twins (as I should know). 

Date Night
In a lovely gesture, my hubby emailed me this morning and asked if I wanted to do a date night because it has been more than a month since the two of us just escaped everyone and everything for a few hours.  So, we’re probably going to head off and watch Planet of the Apes tonight.  It was either than or Columbiana, but I’m not really thrilled with his going to ogle Zoe Saldana for 2 hours or so.  On Columbiana – it was the coolest tagline from a reviewer EVER.  There’s a section in the beginning where a little girl is being chased after witnessing her parents’ murder.  The reviewer called the scene: The Borne Ultimatum meets Dora the Explorer.  I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the images that brought up.

So – what do you guys have planned for tonight/this weekend?


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