Just a quick note/update

Woot – things are still spinning merrily along on the WIP (titled Blood War – will explain more at a later date, I think).  All told, as of this writing, I’m close to 40k in at the 16-day mark, so I’m thrilled with the progress.  I won’t hit 100k in 31 days as I tried (very briefly) to do in July, thanks to the lovely @TrishMcCallan, but I should be able (knock on wood) to finish in 40 days, which is approximately what I did with Blood Dreams about this time last year.  We shall see, but as I have a fairly decent vision for the direction of the rest of the WIP, I think I can pull it off. 

I think the dialogue’s good, but only time will tell.  Only one person’s seen any of it, and I haven’t heard back from her after the last batch got sent, about a week ago.  Yeeks.

Got a new crit partner, for which I am totally psyched.  She once judged a contest entry of mine and when I saw on an email list I follow that she was looking for a CP, I jumped at the chance she’d remember me and the blog comments we’ve exchanged a few times.  And she said yes, and I’m sooo happy.

Finally – children updates.

The twins are little brats.  I love ’em dearly, but they’re determined to make me go crazy from lack of sleep.  Sunday night, they ate at 10:30ish, sqwaked (I never can spell that word) hourly until 2:30ish and finally wouldn’t sleep any more without food.  So I fed them.  Sam sucked her bottle down as she normally does.  Jackie dawdled…more than usual.  Just to demonstrate: because I let her eat with the bottle propped, I was able to change Sam, put said twin back to bed, wash eight bottles (I could see Jackie from where I was in the kitchen), and still sit down for a couple of minutes, before I decided she was done.  Jackie never did finish that bottle, just played with it with about an ounce left. Put her back to bed.  And then they were restless the rest of the night. 

Around 5, they woke up screaming.  Josh had had it and told me to go back to bed, that the girls were manipulating usand weren’t really hungry.  Because I was really tired, I decided to give it a try.  Didn’t go back to sleep, but turned the monitor off and took a shower.  As I emerged, Josh was turning it back on…to blessed silence.  They’d gone back to sleep.  They ended up sleeping that day until AFTER I left for work, just before 7.

Last night was much better.    Josh got up for the midnight feeding and did it in record time.  They’d finished bottles and were back in bed in twenty minutes.  He was back in bed, having determined our sleep-resistant child Sam was asleep, by 12:30.  Jackie apparently was asleep before her diaper was changed.  He suggested the secret might be having formula warmed up really good, make them all sleepy.  I’ll have to try it.

The boy’s got his school clothes and supplies are purchased.  We have the open house on Thursday for him to start kindergarten next week.  Yikes!  My boy’s all ‘growed’ up.  Fun times!

Chime in, tell me how your lives are going.  And wow, wasn’t so quick after all.


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