First, hat’s off to Roni Loren and her awesome guest for this post (No Such Thing as Writer’s Block).  That got me to thinking about where I was going wrong with the WIP I was trying to get going.  The point the author made about it writer’s block being my subconscious picking up on a bad choice I’d made really hit home.  I read that article the day it came out and a day or so later found somewhere to start.  I’ve written about 50 pages this week (13k words or so), and I can still see the path ahead of me, so WAHOO!  I’m a happy camper indeed.

Second, all my love and thanks to @jacynthed.  She’s awesome and really given me some great help, none more so than last night when I was struggling with an idea that had potential, but couldn’t quite figure out what was missing.

Finally, children updates!  The shrimp lost his first tooth this week.

I was excited about that.  He was eating an apple and out it popped.  That same day, I came home this sign on our door:

Ogres are apparently not allowed in our house.

The twins are growing like little ol’ weeds, at least in the cuteness department these days.  Both can roll about three quarters of the way from back to tummy…and then they give up and flop back onto their backs.  They’re having fun in the new exersaucer we got them last week too.  A few pictures before I go.

 Jackie with as much of a smile as I ever get from her on camera.
 The girls holding hands.
The ever-shocked/surprised Samantha checking out her new toy.

How are your lives and WIP’s (if applicable) going?

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