Out of my son’s mouth

Yesterday I was thinking about blogging about my in-laws because of a situation (which I shall not go into now) that had erupted.  However, it came to my attention that my son, dear sweet boy, is wanting to emulate all of the adults in his life, albeit in different ways.  I was prepared to get up in arms when I heard he wanted to try “fire-sticks” (cigarettes) because he hasn’t been exposed very much them and I wanted to scotch that before he could get too interested.

Then I learned what he wanted to emulate about me.  He told my father-in-law he wanted to go to Costco and eat all the food on the shelves there so he could “have a belly like Mommy’s.”

Can you say stunned?  I mean…of all the things he could want to emulate (thankfully not my temper): my love for books, writing, reading, music, etc.  No.  He sees me overweight and wants to be like that.

Of course I sat him down last night and explained that it’s not good, that he shouldn’t want that and in fact I wanted to be like him.  I’ve put pictures of my boy up and he’s not fat.  Solid, sturdy, but height and weight are proportional.  But…that put me on notice that he does pay attention, and as my husband put it, “He’s aware you’re not like other people around him.”

Ouch.  Lot to think about and find a way to carve out time (and energy) to fix the problem. 

On Writing
Well – I’ve finally started cobbling stuff together.  Lots of fitful starts on the new project, urban fantasy, but I went back and looked at one of my earlier attempts and realized it was actually fairly decent.  Got my voice in there, the light-hearted tone I wanted (in the first couple of chapters), and (I think) shows my main character off in a good way.  We shall see.

What’s going on in your lives these days?


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