Life is Grand

For oh-so-many reasons.

First – I got the job I mentioned in my prior post.  They offered it to me last Friday and I transition from being temp to permanent on the 18th (first day in the next pay period which is why I think they waited until then).  I actually got offered the salary I’d wanted to make without having to negotiate for it.  Not quite what I earned in Denver, but better than I expected here in Florida.  It’s doing corporate law work (contracts for the most part), which is largely what I did in Denver, but there the focus was definitely on the securities & acquisitions work.  Here there doesn’t seem to be much of that, which is fine.  Still plenty of annual reports, company creation, et cetera.

I like my boss, I like the managing partner (who I’m also working for until she hires a new assistant).  Plenty of work to be had, including some stuff I’m volunteering to learn/help out with (like becoming the go-to person for minor computer stuff).

Second – the twins and the Shrimp are all doing really well.  The boy’s finally gotten the hang of writing his alphabet and he’s constantly asking “what letters are in [such and such] word”.  He’s working on his numbers and writing his full name.  My mother-in-law has the patience of a saint to have gotten him this far.  The girls are growing like little weeds and both can now flip from their tummies to their backs. I’ve only seen Jackie do it thus far.  Sam’s flipped for her daddy, and the grandparents have seen her after the fact (they left her on her tummy and came back to find her on her back).

Third – While the words haven’t necessarily started flowing, the plot ideas are swirling and starting to align into a good mix.  So hopefully once I can actually get myself to write (which I’ve done a little of in the past few days, trying to find the right place to start the book), it might flow right out.  Figuring out when to write is the trick.  I’m getting up at 5-5:30ish, pumping and potentially could have babies with me from the second I get up (not this morning) and leave for work around 7ish.  I think I can get some in during my lunch hour like I used to, but I’ll either have to do it long-hand or haul my laptop in to work with me.  When I get home, it’s usually dinner time, followed by twin bedtime, followed by Garrett’s bedtime, and in an attempt to get more sleep, it’s been MY bedtime shortly thereafter (between 8 & 9) the last few days.  Ah well.  Where there’s a will, I’ll find a way. 

Have any of you been challenged to find the time to write?


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