Good news

I may finally have a job.  It’s a temp assignment at the moment, but it’s also a test period for me to see if I like them and they like me.  From all indications, my boss at the law firm loves me.  I apparently shine like something REALLY shiny compared to her prior assistant, so she’s been thrilled.  Next week, I’m only working a couple of days because the attorney’s on vacation, but the days I work will be directly for the managing partner.  Yikes, talk about pressure, given she’s the one with the ultimately authority to hire me.  But…I’ve got my fingers crossed!

On Children
Last time I showed a couple of comparison pictures of the twins, showing how much they’d grown in two months.  It brought to mind a couple of pictures I had of the Shrimp.  They were taken a month apart, when he was a month old and then two months old.

The second picture shows the last time I ever got that blue outfit on him.  He was into 3-6 month clothes at that point (2 months old, approximately).  The twins…they’re close to 3.5 months and still have a while in their 0-3 month clothes.  The smaller twin can still wear a couple of newborn outfits I have.

There is currently a disagreement going on here.  Grandma maintains that Shrimpette A looks like the Shrimp, and Daddy maintains Shrimpette B does.  I can see both their points.  I guess, in the end, it just shows there’s a pretty strong resemblance between all three.  It should be interesting as they all age and see how their features develop.

On Writing
Er…I’m getting frustrated at this point because I don’t get much time to write.  And then on those few quiet times I get, I’ve been sooooo tired, I don’t.  Any suggestions on getting the writing bug to bite me again?


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