Out of my son’s mouth

Yesterday I was thinking about blogging about my in-laws because of a situation (which I shall not go into now) that had erupted.  However, it came to my attention that my son, dear sweet boy, is wanting to emulate all of the adults in his life, albeit in different ways.  I was prepared to get up in arms when I heard he wanted to try “fire-sticks” (cigarettes) because he hasn’t been exposed very much them and I wanted to scotch that before he could get too interested.

Then I learned what he wanted to emulate about me.  He told my father-in-law he wanted to go to Costco and eat all the food on the shelves there so he could “have a belly like Mommy’s.”

Can you say stunned?  I mean…of all the things he could want to emulate (thankfully not my temper): my love for books, writing, reading, music, etc.  No.  He sees me overweight and wants to be like that.

Of course I sat him down last night and explained that it’s not good, that he shouldn’t want that and in fact I wanted to be like him.  I’ve put pictures of my boy up and he’s not fat.  Solid, sturdy, but height and weight are proportional.  But…that put me on notice that he does pay attention, and as my husband put it, “He’s aware you’re not like other people around him.”

Ouch.  Lot to think about and find a way to carve out time (and energy) to fix the problem. 

On Writing
Well – I’ve finally started cobbling stuff together.  Lots of fitful starts on the new project, urban fantasy, but I went back and looked at one of my earlier attempts and realized it was actually fairly decent.  Got my voice in there, the light-hearted tone I wanted (in the first couple of chapters), and (I think) shows my main character off in a good way.  We shall see.

What’s going on in your lives these days?


Pure Dumb Luck

First – I’m sooooo happy to be back at work.  There are issues still being worked out, including getting back on a so-called ‘normal’ schedule.

That said, I’d just like to say my husband has the devil’s own luck when it comes to the middle of the night feedings.  In all fairness, while I wasn’t working I didn’t make him get up with the twins.  Why, when I could take a nap during the day to make up for some of what I missed at night? 

So, now that I’m back at work (and trying to get enough sleep so I don’t lose my milk supply), I’m starting to nudge him into taking some of the night feedings.  Friday night he was supposed to get up with the girls.  My father-in-law was up so he took the feeding.  Grrrr.  Saturday night, I think hubby got it.  The days kind of blur still, so I’m not sure.

Last night I’d told hubby he was getting the middle-of-the-night feeding because my old insomnia issues are kicking up and I’d only gotten three to four hours Monday night, so I was going to get a nice 7-8 hour chunk.    The twins slept through until 10 minutes before my alarm was due to go off at 4a this morning (I had to get up to pump). 

REALLY!?!?!  What’s fair about THAT?! 

Once again, he wriggled out of having to get up.  However, he took pains to get up and talk to me for about 20 minutes (useful conversation actually, dealing with some of the things causing my insomnia) while I fed them.  And he heated the bottles a little while I was waking up and getting the girls out of their beds.  Then, as he goes back to bed after having a snack, he deliberately says, “I was up for 20 minutes.  I can go back to bed without feeling guilty now.”


Life is Grand

For oh-so-many reasons.

First – I got the job I mentioned in my prior post.  They offered it to me last Friday and I transition from being temp to permanent on the 18th (first day in the next pay period which is why I think they waited until then).  I actually got offered the salary I’d wanted to make without having to negotiate for it.  Not quite what I earned in Denver, but better than I expected here in Florida.  It’s doing corporate law work (contracts for the most part), which is largely what I did in Denver, but there the focus was definitely on the securities & acquisitions work.  Here there doesn’t seem to be much of that, which is fine.  Still plenty of annual reports, company creation, et cetera.

I like my boss, I like the managing partner (who I’m also working for until she hires a new assistant).  Plenty of work to be had, including some stuff I’m volunteering to learn/help out with (like becoming the go-to person for minor computer stuff).

Second – the twins and the Shrimp are all doing really well.  The boy’s finally gotten the hang of writing his alphabet and he’s constantly asking “what letters are in [such and such] word”.  He’s working on his numbers and writing his full name.  My mother-in-law has the patience of a saint to have gotten him this far.  The girls are growing like little weeds and both can now flip from their tummies to their backs. I’ve only seen Jackie do it thus far.  Sam’s flipped for her daddy, and the grandparents have seen her after the fact (they left her on her tummy and came back to find her on her back).

Third – While the words haven’t necessarily started flowing, the plot ideas are swirling and starting to align into a good mix.  So hopefully once I can actually get myself to write (which I’ve done a little of in the past few days, trying to find the right place to start the book), it might flow right out.  Figuring out when to write is the trick.  I’m getting up at 5-5:30ish, pumping and potentially could have babies with me from the second I get up (not this morning) and leave for work around 7ish.  I think I can get some in during my lunch hour like I used to, but I’ll either have to do it long-hand or haul my laptop in to work with me.  When I get home, it’s usually dinner time, followed by twin bedtime, followed by Garrett’s bedtime, and in an attempt to get more sleep, it’s been MY bedtime shortly thereafter (between 8 & 9) the last few days.  Ah well.  Where there’s a will, I’ll find a way. 

Have any of you been challenged to find the time to write?

Good news

I may finally have a job.  It’s a temp assignment at the moment, but it’s also a test period for me to see if I like them and they like me.  From all indications, my boss at the law firm loves me.  I apparently shine like something REALLY shiny compared to her prior assistant, so she’s been thrilled.  Next week, I’m only working a couple of days because the attorney’s on vacation, but the days I work will be directly for the managing partner.  Yikes, talk about pressure, given she’s the one with the ultimately authority to hire me.  But…I’ve got my fingers crossed!

On Children
Last time I showed a couple of comparison pictures of the twins, showing how much they’d grown in two months.  It brought to mind a couple of pictures I had of the Shrimp.  They were taken a month apart, when he was a month old and then two months old.

The second picture shows the last time I ever got that blue outfit on him.  He was into 3-6 month clothes at that point (2 months old, approximately).  The twins…they’re close to 3.5 months and still have a while in their 0-3 month clothes.  The smaller twin can still wear a couple of newborn outfits I have.

There is currently a disagreement going on here.  Grandma maintains that Shrimpette A looks like the Shrimp, and Daddy maintains Shrimpette B does.  I can see both their points.  I guess, in the end, it just shows there’s a pretty strong resemblance between all three.  It should be interesting as they all age and see how their features develop.

On Writing
Er…I’m getting frustrated at this point because I don’t get much time to write.  And then on those few quiet times I get, I’ve been sooooo tired, I don’t.  Any suggestions on getting the writing bug to bite me again?