Since the birth of the Shrimpettes, I’ve been doing lots of thinking about family.  So this post is all to do with family, nothing to do with writing.

Well, they are now three months old!  I can hardly believe it.  To show how much they’ve grown, Monday I dressed them in outfits they’d worn in a prior picture shortly after coming home from the hospital and took a new picture.  Top picture is the older one, the second is from yesterday:

Granted, it’s not as huge a change as a couple of pictures I have of my son about the same age, but it still shows they’re getting a lot bigger.  Twin A as of Tuesday was somewhere near 12lbs, 21 and 6/8 inches long.  Twin B was about 10.5lbs and 21.5 inches.
They’ll sleep for a good portion of the night now (usually I can get a good 5-6 hour chunk).  That doesn’t mean I’m getting that much sleep in a chunk, though I’m starting to get between 5 and 6 hours a night now, which is an improvement, definitely.  I just have to get up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night to feed them and pump.  Man, I hate that pump.

My Parents
Last Sunday was Father’s Day and my dad’s been gone for almost three years now.  He was 80 when he passed, so it’s not like he had a short life.  But I still miss him.  He was a truly gentle man and a certain light went out of me when he left us.  Hopefully he’s proud of me and has dropped in in spirit form to meet his granddaughters.

Mom…is not doing well.  She’s got dementia, stemming from stroke damage long ago, and it’s getting worse.  She got put in the hospital a few weeks ago for an infection and got so weak they sent her to a nursing home to get some therapy before going home (she lives with my brother).  I spoke to her on Monday and she talked about Dad being there on the weekends with her when my brother couldn’t be.  She also said he was in the room with her while I was talking to her.  I thought she was just mixing up Dad and my brother, but she said they were both there.

Talking to my brother later, he told me the nursing home said it was going to be quite some time (instead of the original two-week projection) until she got released.  He doesn’t think she’s ever going to come home, which is what hubby and I thought when she first got sent there.  That opens a whole new box of worms when it comes to the brother issues which I won’t bore you with.  Just…it’s a messy situation.  I hope things can work out to everyone’s happiness.

How are all of you doing?  Any problematic family issues on your horizon?



  1. So sweet to see your twins–they are definitely getting bigger! Funny how that happened while I was off doing other things. I hope you can get the sleep straightened out in a few months; that can be really wearing. Best wishes too for untangling that box of family worms.


  2. OMG, the twins are scrumptious!So sorry about your Dad and the difficulties with your Mom. My parents are healthy but they are getting up in years, and I feel like it's not long before I'm in your shoes too.


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