It’s Official – I’ve Gone Crazy

Not in the serial killer, bad way, but in the crazy ambitious way.  A couple of women and I were talking on Twitter the other night (@DeniseMSwank & @TrishMcCallan) when Trish piped up with “Who wants to go on the crazy train with me and pledge to writing a 100k draft in June.”  I decided to join the crazy train.  Yikes.  I’ve already almost quit once because yesterday I did almost nothing.  But with a little encouragement from lovely Trish (who’s threatening to beat me with something worse than a wet noodle if I drop out), I didn’t quite do it and today words started flowing.  Granted, not with an enormous gush, but enough that I’m not quite as downtrodden.

The WIP’s different from my prior works thus far in that it’s fantasy – not urban fantasy, but pure fantasy world.  The only thing I’m not certain of is if it will be fantasy romance, or fantasy with romantic elements.  For the purposes of this blog when referring to it, it shall hence forth be called Ch’Sia after the main character, at least until I come up with a better title.

Like the characters in Blood Rage/Dreams, the characters (and a good deal of the story) came out of my role-playing back in college in the early 2000’s.  They’ve floated around and refused to completely dissipate.  As I picture it, Ch’Sia is supposed to be the opening book in a trilogy which I actually have a general complete story-arc on.  The only issue would end up being that the second and third books would likely not have the happily-for-now ending because my hero & heroine definitely do NOT remain on good terms. 

Guess I’ll write it and see where things lead/end up.  Stay tuned (see the widget on the right for my ongoing progress) on whether I succeed in this 30-day madness!


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