Continuing On

First – Writing Updates:

Blood Wars = fizzled.  What a shock.  No one’s talking to me.

Birth of the Dragon-Riders = fizzling.  Primary characters are clear in my head, but setting hasn’t gelled.  Will have to hack at it some more.

Ch’Sia = the jury is out on whether this will go anywhere at the moment.  Just started, and at least I’m writing something, but at the moment it’s a hard read.  I know the overall plot pretty well.  It’s just the nitty-gritty details that are going to cause problems.

Right now I’m pretty much bouncing back and forth on potential WIPs until something takes off.  At least I’m writing again.  Not copious amounts of new words each day (most days between 100-1500), but it’s better than I was doing (0 words for like six months).  Back on the horse and all that.

Second – Parenting Update:

Rumor has it that Jackie has rolled over for the first time.  No one saw her do it.  MIL put her in the playpen on her tummy and came back to find her on her back.

I got to register the Shrimp for kindergarten today!  It was awesome, but a little startling, to think that my precious lil’ boy is going off to school in less than three months.

I swear each of my children will deserve to receive pins on their 18th birthdays that say “I survived my mother.”  I mean the best, but sometimes things do not turn out well and I feel horrid. 

Shrimp – was giving him his first bath days after he came home from the hospital and he slipped down in the little tub insert so he almost got dunked.  I freaked of course about almost drowning him (he didn’t actually go under).

Shrimpette A – let’s just say I learned very valuable lessons very early on about where not to set the carrier while she was in it.

Shrimpette B – was trying to give her her vitamins last night.  Waited until she was screaming so her mouth would be open.  Unfortunately, she was inhaling at the time I squirted it in and it went down her windpipe.  I spent a very sleepless night waiting for the stuff to clear out of her lungs, praying I didn’t just give my baby a route to pneumonia.  Scared the bejeebers out of ALL of us.

I should have stuck with just one child.  Yeesh.  Not that I don’t love all my babies, but little babies are soooo breakable!

Third – My Mom:

It’s no secret my mom’s advanced in years (70+, I’m 34).  She’s not been doing well (growing dementia, diabetes, etc), but the other day she started shaking and couldn’t even stand up.  They sent her to the hospital and apparently she can’t even get in and out of bed without 2-3 people + a hoisting thingy.  My brother’s been living with her (Dad passed a few years ago) and helping her get what mobility she had.  The doctors have now elected to send her to an assisted living facility to get some PT so she can get her limited mobility back before sending her home.

My big fear is that they’ll ultimately decide she can’t live out of a facility any more.  All her income would go to that and that would leave my brother without a home or purpose in life.  We (my husband and I) are planning on bringing him to us when the time comes, but the problem is right now we simply don’t have the room.  The in-laws are staying with us for at least the next year while the Shrimpettes are so young.  Even if we did have the space, right now there are 7 of us living on one income (until I can find a job – trying, but it’s rough).  My brother would make 8 and that’s just insane.  I’m stressed over the whole situation.

How about you?  What’s new and interesting with you?


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