The subject of this post is change.  Lots of things change when you’re a parent, I suspect.

On Twins
To my surprise, Sam’s eyes have already changed color.  I suspected they were starting to at some point last week, knew they were in the process of changing two days ago (the centers, by the irises, were brown and the rest blue), and yesterday afternoon, they were completely dark brown (I’d actually say closer to black).  Jackie, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be changing at that point.  This morning, I looked at her and think she might be starting to change, but not like Sam.  It’s possible she’ll go hazel or gray.  My brother and grandmother, and my husband’s sister, all have (or had, in grandma’s case) hazel eyes.  That would certainly confirm definitely that the twins are fraternal.  I’m almost positive now that they are.

On Writing
I’ve started trying to write again.  It’s not going spectacularly well, but at least words have come out now on four consecutive days.  I’m floundering, trying to find the right starting point for what is now tentatively called Blood War.  It’s, essentially, Blood Rage shifted to UF and told from Christine’s POV.  I can envision a lot of the scenes, but getting them written isn’t going well. 

Getting time to write is a challenge, though.  The twins have been tag-teaming the past few days.  When one’s asleep, the other is awake and insisting on being held.  However, it seems like we’ve had a break-through because they now will grudgingly sit in the swing.  Sam’s actually there as I write this AND she’s asleep!  WOW! 

Guess I’ll just have to train myself to be able to write in five-minute bursts when they allow me to put them down.

Those of you who are parents (of newborns and/or twins) AND writers – how do you manage to get writing done, especially if you work out of the house as well?


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