3 Days Down & 3 To Go (writing update too)

Well, I made it two days without support/help from the in-laws and I’m still (relatively) sane.  Hubby was home yesterday which was good, but unfortunately the Shrimpettes are not so fond of the daddy-person unless he’s got a bottle in their mouth so it still falls to me to do pretty much everything else related to them.  I feel bad for the guy because he wants to cuddle them and play with them, but they just cry with him.

On a great note though, Jackie’s starting to chill a bit and she’s interacting (sort of) with her big brother’s stuffed dragon (Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon).  She stared at it big time for several minutes and was reaching out for it.  Once the boy saw it, though, he was less than pleased to share his dragon yesterday.  Quite funny.  He’s eased up a bit and watched her playing with it again today.  Sam’s not so sure about the dragon.  Check them out!

The down side of the more chilled Jackie is she’s staying awake more!  ARGH!  I miss the “only awake to eat” phase, though Sam’s still in that one a bit.  Jackie now has long wakeful periods.  I am less than appreciative of Jackie’s wakefulness when it’s 5 in the morning after the feeding/pumping session and I’m trying to go back to sleep.  This morning she kept crying for her paci and I ended up sleeping with her on my chest for the mere hour or so before Sam woke me up for food.  Thank heavens for cartoons.  I bribed the boy to let me sleep for an hour plus while he watched Beauty and the Beast.  I was out before Belle’s first song (Little Town) and woke up just before the grand transformation at the end.

Now for a somewhat brief writing update.  I’ve decided, pretty much, to go back and rewrite Dreams.  Try to shift it more toward Urban Fantasy simply so I’m not required to have a hard-and-fast “happily ever after” ending.  This would allow me to beef up Senor Psycho’s role, giving him what he’s demanding, tweak Marcelo by removing a certain sub-plot that I don’t particularly care for between him and Chris, and a bunch of other things. 

Have any of you writers done that – taken a hiatus from a particular work, come back and started over?


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