Double Trouble + One update

Here they are as of this past Monday. Samantha’s on the left and Jackie (looking cranky – her normal attitude) on the right.

This is from a couple weeks ago, but the boy’s looking awfully cute. He loves his sisters. 🙂

When I got them weighed last Friday, S was 7.13 and J 8.5.  They’re getting their first round of shots next Friday (and the boy’s getting his 5-year/school shots that day as well).  When we measured Garrett (he’d gone with me for the weigh-in), he was 47.5inch & 60lbs or so (per my research for a height/weight chart he’s above the 95% percentile in both).

Finally got them sleeping in the crib on a regular basis, at least at night.  I’m still not getting that much sleep because I feed them (20-25 minutes including diaper change) and then pump (20-40 minutes depending on how long it takes to get their next feeding) and then back to bed.  At night I am STARTING to get one longer break (4ish hours from start to start) – if I include a little cereal and 4oz.  That’s the only feeding that increasing the amount seems to work for whatever reason. 

Starting tomorrow I get tested on how to be a twin mommy without any help other than occasionally the husband’s.  My MIL and FIL (who are living with us) are going out of town for almost a week.  Husband is working every day and probably a couple of late evenings as well.  I’m not sure I’ll be sane by the time MIL comes back.  I keep trying to convince her (not seriously of course) to take a twin since they’re small and quiet.  It doesn’t work, in part b/c one of the girls is usually screaming in the background when I try to suggest it.

Still don’t have a job and am stressing about that. 

On writing…er…not much to say there.  I tried writing last night and that did not go well.  I’ll leave it at that.  Time to get back on the horse though and start doing something on a daily basis.  I have no excuse any more since my hands don’t hurt when I type.  Certainly can’t claim work’s taking up my day .

How’s life treating all of you?

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