The subject of this post is change.  Lots of things change when you’re a parent, I suspect.

On Twins
To my surprise, Sam’s eyes have already changed color.  I suspected they were starting to at some point last week, knew they were in the process of changing two days ago (the centers, by the irises, were brown and the rest blue), and yesterday afternoon, they were completely dark brown (I’d actually say closer to black).  Jackie, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be changing at that point.  This morning, I looked at her and think she might be starting to change, but not like Sam.  It’s possible she’ll go hazel or gray.  My brother and grandmother, and my husband’s sister, all have (or had, in grandma’s case) hazel eyes.  That would certainly confirm definitely that the twins are fraternal.  I’m almost positive now that they are.

On Writing
I’ve started trying to write again.  It’s not going spectacularly well, but at least words have come out now on four consecutive days.  I’m floundering, trying to find the right starting point for what is now tentatively called Blood War.  It’s, essentially, Blood Rage shifted to UF and told from Christine’s POV.  I can envision a lot of the scenes, but getting them written isn’t going well. 

Getting time to write is a challenge, though.  The twins have been tag-teaming the past few days.  When one’s asleep, the other is awake and insisting on being held.  However, it seems like we’ve had a break-through because they now will grudgingly sit in the swing.  Sam’s actually there as I write this AND she’s asleep!  WOW! 

Guess I’ll just have to train myself to be able to write in five-minute bursts when they allow me to put them down.

Those of you who are parents (of newborns and/or twins) AND writers – how do you manage to get writing done, especially if you work out of the house as well?


Quick writing update

Well, one publisher (not an e-publisher either) had Blood Dreams.  I got their rejection yesterday, but it was a personalized one that commented I was a great storyteller and she enjoyed my writing.  However…what got my attention was that the editor said it read more like Urban Fantasy than para-rom.  So, that pretty much made the decision I’ve been waffling over, to turn Dreams into a UF.

With that decision made, I started thinking about all the things I could do different and it got me rather excited about trying the rewrite.  So…here we go again.  I hope.  Heh.

3 Days Down & 3 To Go (writing update too)

Well, I made it two days without support/help from the in-laws and I’m still (relatively) sane.  Hubby was home yesterday which was good, but unfortunately the Shrimpettes are not so fond of the daddy-person unless he’s got a bottle in their mouth so it still falls to me to do pretty much everything else related to them.  I feel bad for the guy because he wants to cuddle them and play with them, but they just cry with him.

On a great note though, Jackie’s starting to chill a bit and she’s interacting (sort of) with her big brother’s stuffed dragon (Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon).  She stared at it big time for several minutes and was reaching out for it.  Once the boy saw it, though, he was less than pleased to share his dragon yesterday.  Quite funny.  He’s eased up a bit and watched her playing with it again today.  Sam’s not so sure about the dragon.  Check them out!

The down side of the more chilled Jackie is she’s staying awake more!  ARGH!  I miss the “only awake to eat” phase, though Sam’s still in that one a bit.  Jackie now has long wakeful periods.  I am less than appreciative of Jackie’s wakefulness when it’s 5 in the morning after the feeding/pumping session and I’m trying to go back to sleep.  This morning she kept crying for her paci and I ended up sleeping with her on my chest for the mere hour or so before Sam woke me up for food.  Thank heavens for cartoons.  I bribed the boy to let me sleep for an hour plus while he watched Beauty and the Beast.  I was out before Belle’s first song (Little Town) and woke up just before the grand transformation at the end.

Now for a somewhat brief writing update.  I’ve decided, pretty much, to go back and rewrite Dreams.  Try to shift it more toward Urban Fantasy simply so I’m not required to have a hard-and-fast “happily ever after” ending.  This would allow me to beef up Senor Psycho’s role, giving him what he’s demanding, tweak Marcelo by removing a certain sub-plot that I don’t particularly care for between him and Chris, and a bunch of other things. 

Have any of you writers done that – taken a hiatus from a particular work, come back and started over?

Double Trouble + One update

Here they are as of this past Monday. Samantha’s on the left and Jackie (looking cranky – her normal attitude) on the right.

This is from a couple weeks ago, but the boy’s looking awfully cute. He loves his sisters. 🙂

When I got them weighed last Friday, S was 7.13 and J 8.5.  They’re getting their first round of shots next Friday (and the boy’s getting his 5-year/school shots that day as well).  When we measured Garrett (he’d gone with me for the weigh-in), he was 47.5inch & 60lbs or so (per my research for a height/weight chart he’s above the 95% percentile in both).

Finally got them sleeping in the crib on a regular basis, at least at night.  I’m still not getting that much sleep because I feed them (20-25 minutes including diaper change) and then pump (20-40 minutes depending on how long it takes to get their next feeding) and then back to bed.  At night I am STARTING to get one longer break (4ish hours from start to start) – if I include a little cereal and 4oz.  That’s the only feeding that increasing the amount seems to work for whatever reason. 

Starting tomorrow I get tested on how to be a twin mommy without any help other than occasionally the husband’s.  My MIL and FIL (who are living with us) are going out of town for almost a week.  Husband is working every day and probably a couple of late evenings as well.  I’m not sure I’ll be sane by the time MIL comes back.  I keep trying to convince her (not seriously of course) to take a twin since they’re small and quiet.  It doesn’t work, in part b/c one of the girls is usually screaming in the background when I try to suggest it.

Still don’t have a job and am stressing about that. 

On writing…er…not much to say there.  I tried writing last night and that did not go well.  I’ll leave it at that.  Time to get back on the horse though and start doing something on a daily basis.  I have no excuse any more since my hands don’t hurt when I type.  Certainly can’t claim work’s taking up my day .

How’s life treating all of you?