Twin update

We got to bring Samantha home last Thursday and they had their two-week check-up yesterday (so did I, for that matter).  Sam’s up to 4.12oz, Jackie dropped back a little to 5.3oz.  Doctor, aka “dragon-lady,” actually said it’s nothing to be concerned about.  I’ve upped what I’m feeding her and can go in whenever I like for a weight check.  They’re still premies (woulda been 37 weeks this week) and everything (sleeping so much, trouble eating direct from the source, etc) is normal for where they are.  Dragon-lady won’t let me look at the growth charts yet to see percentiles and all that. It’s probably a good thing ’cause I suspect they’d be waaaaay at the small end of things.

 Sammie on the left, Jackie looking over at her (4/5/11)
Proud big brother and the girls (Jackie on the left, Sam on the right)

At my two-week appointment I was down 42 lbs from the heightest weight I saw during pregnancy and per my scale this morning, I’m down another 4, so 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I knew I was puffy, but yeesh.  On a good note, I’m on track to have it all gone plus a couple extra by three weeks just like I was with the boy and I gained exactly twice what I did with him.  Now the real work to lose weight will begin. 

For motivation, I’ve created a little ticker to help keep me honest about my progress.  Lots to go, but I got a LOT of reasons to do it.  Hubby will be peeved if I die and leave him alone with three kids because I refused to lose the weight.  Heh.


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