They’re Here!

My-oh-my, it’s been quite some time since my last entry.  My apologies, but the last two months of the pregnancy were horrid.  I ended up not being able to work (in office full-time, at least) to the end, officially getting put on bedrest at the end of February.  I went to stay with my in-laws for the end of the pregnancy right after that.

Jackie and Sammie were born on 3/22/11 at 2:32 & 2:34p at 35 weeks 1 day.  Jackie was 5lb14oz and 17.75 inches long, while Sammie was 4lb14oz and 18 inches long.  Jackie was pronounced healthy and sent up to the regular “term” nursery because she was pronounced health (APGARs of 8/9 I believe).  Sammie initially was looking good (same APGARs) but developed some breathing issues and sent to the NICU for observation.  Somewhere there’s a picture of the twins lying on me, and that’s the only time since birth (to date) that they’ve been together with me.  More on that below.

I got to be awake for the entire c-section this time and I have to say the experience was INCREDIBLE!  Weird, mind you, with all the pulling, tugging, etc of my innards and the aftermath of the surgery bites, but you can’t beat getting to hear those first cries and seeing them still all slimey.  Hehe.  I could have been sent home on Friday, but Jackie wasn’t quite ready to be released (weight/jaundice issues).  By waiting until Saturday, her weight loss (14% by the end, 14oz lost in total) was done and they’d gotten her billyrubins (jaundice stuff) cleared up so she was sent home with me.  There was much rejoicing and I thoroughly enjoyed the two girl-beers I had that night.

Now on to Sammie.  She developed some breathing issues and had to be put on a C-PAP for a while (never actually on oxygen, which is good).  She also had some bradycardia (slowing heart rate) issues which are still going on.  They’ve run all sorts of tests and the doctors believe it’s coming from some reflux issues.  Her heart rate returns to normal without assistance, but the hospital’s policy is to not release her until she can go 5 days without an incident.  As of this morning, she’s finally started gaining weight (she was up 10 grams, her lowest weight was 4lb7oz now up to 4lb8oz).  The nurses and doctor have assured me it’s all perfectly normal for a premie.  I just got blessed that one of the two didn’t have as big a struggle.

The silver lining in this situation is that it let us bring Jackie home first and adapt to having ONE newborn and establish a “routine” (as much as you can have a routine with a newborn in the house) before having the second one there.  I’m providing 100% of Jackie’s food and a healthy percentage of Sammie’s too.  The nurses seem impressed by how much I can produce, so…that’s good.  I really want the breastfeeding to go well, even if I’m expressing it (Jackie’s a lazy little twerp and obviously Sammie’s not around to get it direct from the source).  I would, however, say “Moooooooo.”

I’ll take this moment to say to the world at large how grateful I am that I’m with my in-laws and not doing this by myself.  MIL in particular is invaluable for all her help.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for – pictures of the Shrimpettes.

Samantha Marie – 3/26/11
Jacqueline Sophia – 3/29/11
The jury is currently out on whether they’re identical or not.  My FIL initially insisted (from seeing a small version of Sammie’s picture above and having Jackie in person) that they looked totally different.  I showed him a larger, clearer picture of Sammie this morning and one of Jackie in a similar pose and asked him what he thought now.  He conceded they look a LOT a like.  Time (and possibly a DNA test if time alone doesn’t develop enough physical differences to be certain) will tell. Either way, I love my girls!


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