I’ve been doing a lot of griping here lately and not enough being grateful/saying thank you for the blessings in my life.  So on that note, I want to say thanks to…

Joelle Charbonneau
Lynette Labelle
Gabi Stevens
These three ladies did me a lovely favor when it came to RWA (Romance Writers of America) and it meant a lot to me that they would go to the trouble of doing it.

Deb from my OB’s office because she puts up with my (thankfully not too frequent) calls of “what’s going on?!” and when I have emotional break-downs because I’m stressed about the pregnancy.

PL and CS from my office because they’re awesome.

My mother-in-law because of her intentions to help out with the Shrimpettes and because she’s probably the best acupuncturist known to man (or woman).  How I long for her painful, sharp little needles…

My little boy because he’s adorable and a pain in the backside and yet so sweet I can’t imagine life without him.

My BFF – TA who’s been supporting me through this twin pregnancy by listening to my frustrations and worries, helping me realize some of it’s normal since she too has gone through a twin pregnancy, and whom I miss very VERY much.

And last, but certainly not least, my husband who in less than a week will have been my husband for seven whole years.  He has my heart and my devotion, and has given me his.  We’ve been through a lot in these first seven years and will go through even more in the next seven (and beyond) with the Shrimp and the Shrimpettes.  He’s got the patience of, hmmm…someone REALLY patient since he’s married to me, an even-temperament that is desperately needed in a house with me and our Drama King (aka the Shrimp), and a sense of humor that can brighten my day in the darkest of hours.

So…thank you everyone who’s been there and will be there in the future.


28 weeks, 3rd Trimester! And a full request.

Bah – I hate coming up with post titles.

Blood Dreams
Last week, Sourcebooks Casablanca had a pitch/first 4 paragraphs contest last Thursday.  So, with a little help from a friend and my husband, I tweaked my 1-sentence pitch and threw the first four paragraphs into the hopper.  And two days later, Leah Hultenschmidt asked for the full + synopsis.  Yay!  That was completely awesome.  She said she was smiling before the end of the first paragraph and liked the juxtaposition of a battle and concerns about a wedding.  About 75 people/pitches got made and she requested approximately 25 fulls from the contest.  So 1:3 (I never can remember how to write a ratio) isn’t too bad.  And it shows that my 1-line pitch is decent (along with the writing itself).

Now for the FUN stuff to write about.  I had my 28-week check up and growth scan today.  The twins are still looking good.  Jackie is estimated at 3lbs and Sam at 2.5.  Jackie’s always been the bigger twin, and apparently the difference is growing.  Per the technician, it’s normal that one twin doesn’t fully (on a growth spectrum) comprehend that they ARE a twin and keeps growing at the singleton rate.  Her belly was measuring a week ahead while Sam’s was a week behind.  Both within the normal range though.

I only gained .5 lbs in the past two weeks which is good.  The reason I only gained .5 is NOT good – I’m having trouble getting myself to eat a lot of the time these days.  Just not interested in food at all.  Certainly not the health good protein I should be eating.

Had a good long talk with the OB nurse.  They’re making more noise about me slowing down (i.e. reducing my work hours).  Still not saying I have to, but certainly encouraging me to think about it.  Lord knows I want to.  But…what can you do?  Who knows, maybe in a few weeks I’ll admit defeat and ask them for a note for work.  I’ll fight it off until then. 

As my best friend says, I’m “strong like bull”.  Nice way of saying I’m bull-headed, I guess.  I’m tired of being strong.  I want them out and healthy.  So guess all I can do is sit/work and wait.

The Shrimp
He’s wearing glasses now and I think he looks absolutely adorable/studious in them.  Feel free to look and admire my handsome boy (yeah, I’m in love with my child even when he’s demon child).

Hope everyone’s staying warm out there!  It’s already dropped to -5 (-23 wind chill) and supposed to get to -16/-17 (and somewhere significantly below -23 for wind chill) for the low.