Pregnancy Update and New WIP Plans

Well, one of my surprising followers (not in the official list on the side) griped about no posts this week.  He wanted something to read.  Here ya go, love of my life!  Love you!

Well, 26 weeks 1 day today.  Had my two week check-up and it’s the last time I have to certain things checked because they’re going so well.  I’ll have another systems review in two weeks and they’ll try to get enough shots of the hearts that they don’t have to send me for a separate fetal echo.  Had a good talk with the doctor and she’s said that they’ll probably schedule my c-section for somewhere between 4/4 and 4/11 (during week 37), but like me, she’s skeptical I’ll make it to April at all.  That’d be great in so many respects, as long as the twins were healthy at that point. 

The nurse spent a lot of time talking about the need to slow down some and spent some time playing Devil’s Advocate (what plans do I have in place if I get told I need hospital bedrest, etc – not likely, but just in case did I have plans?).  That wasn’t fun.  Grumbled about my protein intake, which isn’t surprising.  I’m trying, but blah…meat just doesn’t appeal.

Jackie was lying vertex (head down), Sammie breech (head up).  Jackie doesn’t seem inclined to move out of her position, but Sammie squirms all over the place.

Is it April yet?

Still not actually doing any of it, but plots are starting to swirl for the fantasy-romance idea I have.  Got my main characters (a group of three) and I know what the goals are for two of them.  The third…he just popped in recently, but he’ll develop.  Now I just need the obstacles that will get in the way of them getting their missions accomplished and we’ll actually have some idea of what to do/how to write this puppy.  Weird that I’m actually putting time into plotting ahead given I’m pretty close to a pure “pantser”.  Could be partially procrastination (if I’m considering what I want to write, I don’t actually have to write it – heh).  Or maybe because it’s fantasy, as opposed to real-world, there’s a lot more detail I want actually ironed out before I considering the actual writing.  Who knows?

For those of you who write – do you find certain kinds of writing require higher/lower amounts of plotting?


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