(Gold) Digger and the Beast

I have to say that Digger, aka “Beauty and the Beast”, is one of my least favorite Disney movies.  I can’t stand Belle because she’s a grasping, greedy, snobby gold digger who gets what she wants in the end.  Yeah, she loves him and he love her, she helps him find his lost humanity, etc.  That doesn’t excuse her for being a snobby diva wanna be in the village, denigrating it at every opportunity.

What brings this rant on, you may ask?  My boy asked to watch it this morning and since it did not involve Spiderman, Cars or Toy Story, I was inclined to let him have what he wanted.  Heh.  Well, watching it with him gave me yet another reason to despise the movie.  Thanks to the oodles of pregnancy hormones the Shrimpettes have dumped in me, I bawled my eyes out at the end of the movie.  Not the “first kiss” though that added to the flow.  No – it was at the moment when the transformation started.  For some reason, I just fell apart watching him go back to being human, seeing everything turn back. 

I swear, the stupidest things make me tear up these days.  I mean, c’mon…who falls apart watching the first 15 minutes of the new Star Trek movie (where Kirk’s dad pilots the ship into the Romulan ship as Kirk’s being born, and his last words are about what to name the boy)?!

On a more pleasant note, I can think of one awesome fact when it comes to having two little girls.  I will get a break from the superhero and blow-em-up movies the shrimp already loves.  I’ll have someone to watch Sleeping Beauty with (far better than Digger), and an excuse to get all the other girly Disney movies.  Heh.  Yeah, I’ll end up with mounds of pink, probably a prissy little girl who’s afraid of getting her clothes dirty or fuss if her ribbon doesn’t match her shoes, but they’ll be my little girls and be a huge change.  I can’t wait!  (I really can’t wait…I want pregnancy done so I can watch any movie and not worry about tears!)

Those of you who have kids of opposite genders: what do you think the biggest adjustments were for you when you went from one to the other?



  1. I LOVE Belle. She was the coolest! She didn't sit around waiting to be saved, she was educated and she wasn't afraid to take on a big problem! YAY! Belle! Keep on being a strong independent girl! And you just cursed yourself! One of your girls will want a Belle costume and wear that yellow ball gown EVERYWHERE!HHAHAHAHAHAHA


  2. I'm fine with her being educated and she goes out to save herself/father/beast even…that doesn't change the fact that she was a snobbish gold-digger who thought she was better than everyone else around her engaged in breaking and entering (just like her father, for that matter). Hehe. I used to have the Shrimp trained to call the book "Digger and the Beast" but then had to reverse that and now he won't let me call her Digger any more.But, that said, you're right. I fully expect to have a little Belle and Cinderella one Halloween. Hehe.


  3. How interesting; I never saw Belle as a gold-digger female. Just nosey and dreaming of better things (ya gotta have dreams). But I see what you mean about feeling superior/better than the other townsfolk. I had 2 girls, so I can't answer the question about adjustments. I LOVED having girls though. I revamped shiny thrift store blouses and turned them into dress-up dresses, watched girl-type movies with them, and played dolls. Yay! You'll love it.


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