Writing Update

Once again, the unexpected can happen.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten some rejections (the second e-publisher and an agent).  Then, in response to a follow-up email to the same agent who, several months after my original query, requested Blood Rage, I got a full request for Blood Dreams also.  She hasn’t rejected Rage yet either.  So…I’m hopeful that, confusion aside (which the email flurry was once again centered on in the past couple of days), this is a very positive sign.  Even if in the end she chooses not to offer representation, at least someone will have read the two together as they really should be.

Hopefully all of you are having good fortunes in your own lives.  Have a great weekend.


Pregnancy Update and New WIP Plans

Well, one of my surprising followers (not in the official list on the side) griped about no posts this week.  He wanted something to read.  Here ya go, love of my life!  Love you!

Well, 26 weeks 1 day today.  Had my two week check-up and it’s the last time I have to certain things checked because they’re going so well.  I’ll have another systems review in two weeks and they’ll try to get enough shots of the hearts that they don’t have to send me for a separate fetal echo.  Had a good talk with the doctor and she’s said that they’ll probably schedule my c-section for somewhere between 4/4 and 4/11 (during week 37), but like me, she’s skeptical I’ll make it to April at all.  That’d be great in so many respects, as long as the twins were healthy at that point. 

The nurse spent a lot of time talking about the need to slow down some and spent some time playing Devil’s Advocate (what plans do I have in place if I get told I need hospital bedrest, etc – not likely, but just in case did I have plans?).  That wasn’t fun.  Grumbled about my protein intake, which isn’t surprising.  I’m trying, but blah…meat just doesn’t appeal.

Jackie was lying vertex (head down), Sammie breech (head up).  Jackie doesn’t seem inclined to move out of her position, but Sammie squirms all over the place.

Is it April yet?

Still not actually doing any of it, but plots are starting to swirl for the fantasy-romance idea I have.  Got my main characters (a group of three) and I know what the goals are for two of them.  The third…he just popped in recently, but he’ll develop.  Now I just need the obstacles that will get in the way of them getting their missions accomplished and we’ll actually have some idea of what to do/how to write this puppy.  Weird that I’m actually putting time into plotting ahead given I’m pretty close to a pure “pantser”.  Could be partially procrastination (if I’m considering what I want to write, I don’t actually have to write it – heh).  Or maybe because it’s fantasy, as opposed to real-world, there’s a lot more detail I want actually ironed out before I considering the actual writing.  Who knows?

For those of you who write – do you find certain kinds of writing require higher/lower amounts of plotting?

(Gold) Digger and the Beast

I have to say that Digger, aka “Beauty and the Beast”, is one of my least favorite Disney movies.  I can’t stand Belle because she’s a grasping, greedy, snobby gold digger who gets what she wants in the end.  Yeah, she loves him and he love her, she helps him find his lost humanity, etc.  That doesn’t excuse her for being a snobby diva wanna be in the village, denigrating it at every opportunity.

What brings this rant on, you may ask?  My boy asked to watch it this morning and since it did not involve Spiderman, Cars or Toy Story, I was inclined to let him have what he wanted.  Heh.  Well, watching it with him gave me yet another reason to despise the movie.  Thanks to the oodles of pregnancy hormones the Shrimpettes have dumped in me, I bawled my eyes out at the end of the movie.  Not the “first kiss” though that added to the flow.  No – it was at the moment when the transformation started.  For some reason, I just fell apart watching him go back to being human, seeing everything turn back. 

I swear, the stupidest things make me tear up these days.  I mean, c’mon…who falls apart watching the first 15 minutes of the new Star Trek movie (where Kirk’s dad pilots the ship into the Romulan ship as Kirk’s being born, and his last words are about what to name the boy)?!

On a more pleasant note, I can think of one awesome fact when it comes to having two little girls.  I will get a break from the superhero and blow-em-up movies the shrimp already loves.  I’ll have someone to watch Sleeping Beauty with (far better than Digger), and an excuse to get all the other girly Disney movies.  Heh.  Yeah, I’ll end up with mounds of pink, probably a prissy little girl who’s afraid of getting her clothes dirty or fuss if her ribbon doesn’t match her shoes, but they’ll be my little girls and be a huge change.  I can’t wait!  (I really can’t wait…I want pregnancy done so I can watch any movie and not worry about tears!)

Those of you who have kids of opposite genders: what do you think the biggest adjustments were for you when you went from one to the other?

Waddling Right Along

One of the things I remember from my first pregnancy most clearly was being told by someone I worked with that the so-called pregnancy waddle could be avoided if you just paid attention, kept good posture, etc.  I agreed and to the best of my knowledge, except for the end of it, I didn’t really waddle much.  Ahh, the joy of a singleton pregnancy.  How I miss that.  Now at 24 weeks, I am pretty darned close to waddling at least part of the time.  I’m wearing one of those traditional “maternity” shirts with the band just below the chest region.  I was sick of just looking fat (which I can’t deny) and wanted to look pregnant.  And lordy, do I ever.

I had my 24-week check up/systems review Tuesday and everything is phenomenal.  Jackie is now approximately 1lb 9oz with Sammie not far behind at 1lb 6oz.  The nurse said if they had to be born now, they’re both viable size.  They’re still tracking along the growth rate of singletons, but apparently that will slow down here in the coming weeks because of room issues.  Someone at the office mentioned that, with all the fluids, baby, etc. my tummy is now carrying the equivalent of a singleton pregnancy at about 8 months.  Yeesh.

For all my griping (and yes, I’m aware of doing it), I also know I am extraordinarily blessed in how this pregnancy has gone.  On the Baby Center pregnancy boards, I keep reading about all these women who are on bedrest (and have been for ages) and must remain on it through the end.  There are those who are about the same distance along and they’re fighting to keep their babies in to cook even a few weeks longer.  One woman had triplets (we were due the same day, I believe) at 23w6d.  They were all (for their age) a good weight, but I can’t imagine the strain having them so early is going to put on their poor little systems.  She’d fought off delivery for more than a week to get them to that “viable” point where hospitals would try to save them.

I, on the other hand, am able (currently) to keep working full time, take care of my demon child (aka Shrimp), the dog and cat.  Am I tired?  Yes.  Per the nurses, it’s going to increase over the next few weeks.  But my blood pressure is great.  I’m retaining water, but hopefully by cutting back on the boxed meals (ahh, how I love my stroganoff) and other salty foods, I can reduce that.  The babies are growing and I show no signs of heading into early labor.

So, based on that, I’d like to round this post off by saying “Thank you” to whatever deity people might believe in (me, I’ll just say Thank you God) for giving me this blessing, and the ability to share my good fortune.

How about the rest of you?  Any good fortunes out there these days?