Happy New Year

Well, here we are at the end of another year.  It’s been quite an eventful year – moving to Colorado, getting a new job, rewriting Rage for the third time and getting two offers to publish it, writing Blood Dreams (with the first draft being finished the night I found out I was pregnant), getting pregnant…with TWINS…and saying goodbye for the second (and third, if you count Christmas) time to my husband while he went 2000 miles away. 

Like many, I have today off (thank you Jones & Keller!).  Got up just before 7 when the Shrimp decided it was time to be up and let him watch cartoons until breakfast, after which he asked for a movie (Cars for the umpteen millionth time).  For the past 45 minutes (or an hour, really), he’s been quietly playing with a puzzle hubby got him for Christmas.  He couldn’t manage it at all by himself the first time when he got it a week ago.  He struggled with it the second or third time…now he’s in seventh heaven, putting it together and taking it apart so he can do it himself again. 

It’s silly, but I’m ridiculously happy for him (and proud of him) for putting it together today with very little assistance the first/second time from me and absolutely none after that.  It might be memorization, but it’s still progress.  He struggles with some of these things.  I’d told him from the get go I wasn’t going to help him until later, and I kept to that (other than a couple minor things).  He figured it out on his own.  The satisfaction I feel watching him is as close to paradise as I can imagine – it could have something to do with the fact that he’s been (mostly) quiet for the entire time (which for Mr. Motormouth is a freakin’ MIRACLE).  Now if he’d just try one of the other two puzzles…

Back to the New Year thing.

2011 is going to be a…weird…year, I guess.  Sitting here on the verge of it, I can say that.  I will get a contract on one or more of my books, even if it means taking up the press that left the door open on Rage.  I’m 99% sure of that.  Come March (or heaven help me, April), the entire world is going to shift (for me) on its axis when I welcome the Shrimpettes into our lives.  Hubby and I will get back under one roof permanently (and so help me, someone’s going to die if we split again for ANY reason – I’m sick of it).  And we will move into an apartment or house that is NOT on the third floor.  I’m planning on writing at least one, if not two, books in 2011, finish my capstone and otherwise tie up some loose ends.  Biggest of all, my boy will start kindergarden.  Wow. 

Okay, that’s enough of my goals.  What about you?  Do you have any thoughts/plans/goals/resolutions (if you want to use that word) for the brand spankin’ new year of 2011?  Have a safe one and be happy!



  1. Sounds like great goals! I hope they all come true for ya. My goal is to finish my WIP, which has been droning on since May (I'm usually faster than that); I'm about 2/3 done right now. Getting an agent would be nice too, but I have less control over that. LOLHappy New Year 2011!!!


  2. My main goal for 2011 is to produce two books. I'm not counting Zane as one of the two- since it is so close to being finished. So two additional books in 2011.Another goal is to net an agent. Fingers crossed Zane does this for me.Bet of luck on completing your goals for 2011. You are going to be one busy author with two infants, a little man, and hubby to care for. I bet 2011 will fly for you!Blessings to you and your family.


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