Appreciation and Anticipation

Given the number of times recently that I’ve heard the shrimp say “I want that” in response to a commercial on the television, it got me started on thinking about anticipation.  The holiday season, in part thanks to my boss, has also made me think of appreciation as well.

Most legal-field jobs come with a bonus of some sort at the end of the year.  Yes, we know not to “count on it” but it seems pretty standard that one of the supervisors or the firm itself gives “something” (usually a check).  For the first time that I remember, my holiday bonus I think actually represented true appreciation of my boss for me.  When I thanked him, he said he knew I’d had a rough year (what with hubby unemployed for most of it and now working 2000 miles away), and hoped it helped us have a nice Christmas.  He could have just said “you’re welcome” or something along those lines, but just the few words made me feel like he’d actually put some thought into what was presented along with WHY it was presented.

The above should not be taken to mean that I don’t feel my prior employers haven’t appreciated me or that the bonus wasn’t taken as a sign of their appreciation, but somehow this year it just struck me a little harder.

Having felt so appreciated at work, this seems a good place to mention a few things I’m appreciative of myself.

  1. My husband – he’s working so hard and it’s a rough situation he’s in, 2000 miles away.  I love him so much for what he’s given up for us at this point.
  2. My crit partners over the past eight months or so (Angela, Jaycynthe, Alison specifically) for all their feedback on Rage and Dreams.
  3. My mother – I gripe about her a lot and am frustrated watching long distance as she heads down a significant decline in mental accuity (she’s in her 70’s).  But I love her and I wouldn’t be half the person I am, with a very different moral compass if not for the guidance she gave as I grew up.
  4. My little boy – Yes, I want to choke him for being as bullheaded as I am about 75% of the time, but he also makes me smile and will just say “I love you” out of the blue for no reason.
  5. The Shrimpettes – Carrying them, reading so much about the pregnancy process, has made me realize what little miracles they really are and says that God must really think I can handle a lot if He’s trusting me with two of His perfect gifts.
  6. The standard – having a job, house, and life.

So, I guess so I don’t ramble on too much…that’s it for now on Appreciation.


Well, number one on the list of things I’m anticipating (only because it’s SUPPOSED to be tonight) is my husband’s arrival home.  However…there was a flight delay getting him out of Jacksonville.  It’s going to be by the skin of his teeth if he makes it onto the connecting flight from Chicago to Denver.  Right now the arrival/departure schedule shows his Jacksonville plane getting to the gate at 7:44p and the Chicago flight LEAVING the gate at 8:00. 

The boy is anticipating daddy coming home and Christmas of course.  It’s been quite useful, having the threat of Santa not bringing him stuff, the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, that ends here in a few days.

Of course the #1 (excepting the impending flight) thing most anticipated in my world right now are the arrivals of the Shrimpettes.  I have no patience whatsoever, so pregnancy is probably one of the worst things anyone (God or man) can do to me.  I can’t hurry this along whatsoever.

How about you?  Anything you’re anticipating or appreciating today?


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