Nook and More

NookWell, thanks to a lovely bonus from my boss, I was finally able to get an e-reader.  I decided of the options out there, the best one for me is Barnes & Nobles’ Nook WiFi.  The Nook can handle the ePub format that you can get the bulk of the digital books from the library, whereas my first choice, the ever-famous Kindle could not.  The iPad wasn’t ever in the running simply due to cost.

Saturday morning, I bought my Nook.  I’m almost done with a second book on it (thanks to the library) and played quite a few games of Sudoku.  I suck at the game, but it’s fun.  I haven’t gotten the chance to set up my WiFi (and register) for the Nook, but hopefully when the husband’s home, he’ll get my router set up.  Or I can just run down to Starbucks and use their WiFi connection to get registered.  Either way, it’s not hard.  I’ve ordered a cover and can’t wait for it to come in.  The size is a little awkward, but other than that, I have few complaints.

Tomorrow’s the day, wahoo!  I can’t wait to see him.  The Shrimp’s pretty psyched too, though it may be because I’ve connected Christmas and Daddy’s return too much.  I’ll be pretty cranky and tired on Wednesday because his flight comes in at 10p and I still have to work the next day, but ya know something?  It’s one day, and I get my handsome man back.

I can definitely feel the Shrimpettes squirming around now.  It’s not constant and I certainly can’t see it on the outside, but the movements are distinct to me.  Definitely not just gas.  Unfortunately, I think the oh-so-brief “honeymoon” phase of the pregnancy is just about over.  I eat…and I get heartburn.  Carpal tunnel’s flaring up out of control (even trying to sleep with a brace on).  However, everything else is still feeling good, so 36 weeks, here I come!  The girls are under orders to cook until then (that would be 3/28).

Something occurred to me, positive thoughts about making it to 36 weeks aside.  If the girls are born early, they’ll spend time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit for those not familiar).  On the BabyCenter boards, I frequently see people talking about spending all day at the NICU.  Am I so unnatural for thinking (if they should have to spend a month or more in there) that once I recover from giving birth, why not go back to work until they’re ready to come home?  I have so little paid maternity leave (4 weeks – thank you my workplace for the 4 weeks, make no mistake), why would I waste it when I could save part of it and use it once the girls finally come home?  Now, if this is only a week or so that they’re in there, it’s not an issue.

Readers – any thoughts on this (or experience, if you’ve had children in the NICU)?


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  1. Yay, you're getting your hubby back today (21st)!! How lovely, a nice Christmas persent. And yay for squirming Shrimpettes. Ugh, I got a fair amount of heartburn when pregnant too. If you lay on your LEFT side at night, btw, it makes it worse! A nurse told me that, and I noticed it myself. I haven't experienced NICU, but your idea seems sound. Twins usually ARE born early, but hopefully they'll stay in the oven as long as possible before popping out!


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