Time Marches On

Well, other than that one big one last weekend, I haven’t felt much from the twins, though I’m pretty sure I’m feeling them squirm around a lot these days.  Not consistently, or reliably, but enough most days that I’m aware of it.  Or it’s gas.  But it feels like babies kicking.

I sort of dreading my hubby coming home next week because while people ‘say’ I have a baby-bump, I really don’t know if it looks like a baby bump or just I’ve gotten bigger.  Since he hasn’t seen me in almost two months…yick.  Guess I’ll find out.  He’s kinda stuck with me, and technically, the additional bulge IS half his fault. 

I haven’t written anything yet, but now I’ve got two plots beginning to swirl. 

One involves my alternate Earth, vamps, and Senor Psycho.  Chris is refusing to play ball, but I realized there IS another female I have on my list of characters that might fit the bill for someone who could deal with him in the, er…more romantic way.  Though, I have to say, I just don’t know if he’s CAPABLE of being a romance-hero type.  He’s evil and I LIKE him that way.  But, he’s also insisting he’s a good enough (as in developed enough) person to get his own book and until/unless I come up with a better idea, I might as well go with it and see if I can turn my evil character into something tolerable.  Not redeem, not totally.  He still must die eventually.  Certain other members of my vamp cast would never forgive me if I didn’t kill him somewhere down the road.

The other idea is actually fantasy.  Hubby and I were talking the other night about writing and he thinks I need to do a fantasy romance.  He thinks it should be based off one (or more) of the Oriental cultures (because generally they haven’t been done as much), using samurai and whatnot.  I think it’s a valid argument, but..meh.  Nowhere near ready to devote the time and research I would need to accurately build a world based off a mythology that I freely admit to knowing next to nothing about. 

So, for now I’m going to do a story in my fantasy world which goes back to when one of the three races is born, and the events that lead up to it.  I’ve got the world already created, at least in my head.  Graelam (hero) is a little rough around the edges and strangely (thus far in a couple of scenes contemplated) sounds like Marcelo.  However, attitudewise he is most definitely not my sweet little beta male.  Elathene (heroine) has somewhat of a personality, I’m just trying to clarify for myself where the two are in their lives before I leap in with them.

Awesome Hubby
Yup – mine’s awesome, even 2000 miles away.  I’m getting my e-reader after a discussion with him today.  After some research online to be certain what readers could handle the library format, I’ve decided to get the Barnes & Noble Nook WiFi.  The 3G feature isn’t worth it to me, and I don’t really need the color options of the Color Nook.  Going to the store tomorrow and picking it up.  He agreed it was critical that I be able to download library books since (according to him), he could make $100k/year and I’d still make us go broke if he tried to support my reading habit by BUYING the books.  After a few minutes, I had to concede the point.  I probably could, with relatively little effort.

I sooooo cannot wait for tomorrow, even if it means facing the terror that is shopping during the holiday season.


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  1. Ah, no worries. Hubby will love the baby bump. Wow, 2 months! I bet he'll see a diff. Interesting to read your story ideas. Yeah, if you're just "meh" about the Oriental culture thing, don't do it. You need to feel passionate about what you write. Frankly, I like to make up my fantasy worlds from scratch. Ha, I guess that's NOT less work! But you wouldn't have the headaches of having it not be historically or mythology-related accurate.


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