I felt a kick!

Not on the inside, but with my hand!  It was quite surprising last night.  Apparently both placentas are anterior which muffles any sensations I might have from the twins, so I haven’t really felt much in the way of flutters from them even though I’m almost 21 weeks along.  However, I felt a distinct kick at my waist last night, so rested my hand over the spot.  A moment later, my stomach (and hand) bounced.  Quite magical in it’s own way.  This gives me hope that at some point during the hubby’s four days at home (wooooow, it’s only 10 days until he’s home!), he’ll have a chance to feel them.

I had my bi-weekly checkup on Wednesday and they did a systems check on the girls.  Unfortunately Jackie is proving herself quite the stubborn child and refused to shift positions so the doctor could see everything he needed to.  So we’ll try again (and hubby should be there for it).  Sammie (Baby B) was more obliging and I got to see the kidneys, the bladder (I think), and most definitely the heart.  The heart was the most incredible sight because one of the angles he got, you could see the four chambers opening and shutting.  He also got a look at the aorta and said, “While this doesn’t necessarily rule out OTHER problems, this one definitely doesn’t have tetralogy.”

I was born with tetralogy of Fallot (congenital heart defect) and so both pregnancies I’ve been terrified my curse would get passed on.  The shrimp is (and always has been) fine that way and so hearing Sammie’s good (in that respect) was a huge weight off my mind.  I could deal with almost any health problem except that.  Every system/thing they could check looked good, so…so far so good.  I’ve health two healthy little babies (he couldn’t see gender shots on either of them).  Jackie’s 12oz and Sammie’s 11oz.

On Writing
It’s weird – in the past week I’ve had two separate dreams about getting offered contracts by the two e-publishers I’ve sent Dreams to.  Just out of the blue both times I’ve dreamed about it.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  My hopes aren’t dead yet, at least for that one.  Now if I could just solidify a plot and feel the writing go again.  Oh well, it’s fairly quiet at the moment (even Senor Psycho).  I’ll just have to take an ice pick and start hacking.

How do you get through the dry spells when it comes to your writing?



  1. That's good news about the baby's heart, and neat to hear you've felt movement. I loved to feel the movement when I was pregnant with my 2 daughters. It would usually happen when I retired for the night, and became still. Then the baby would scramble around. ;o)Writing and dry spells? I've heard that you just jump in and write ANYthing, just to get the writer gears going and flexible. Try writing exercises, like a memory, or choose a photo and describe what you see–make up a scenario to go along with it. Google "writing prompts" and try some suggestions. Good luck!


  2. First of all, Holy Guacamole, you're 21 weeks already??? I remember when you first posted your news! Wow.Secondly, I believe when I first met you on query tracker, you had already been offered some contracts and actually declined some, so I think you've got a GREAT shot at getting not one, but both contract offers you're dreaming about here! Silly girl! 🙂


  3. @Carol – yeah, I know that advice pretty well actually. Just haven't had a lot of real interest in writing. Could be God's given me what I asked for, a quiet period while I try to get my capstone written.@ Anna – Yup, 21 and a half weeks now. Will do a blog post today/tomorrow probably but got shot down by form rejection by one of them Monday. (sigh). Thanks for the encouragement!


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