He’s Coming Home!

Real (non-writing) LifeWahoo!  Yup, the hubby bought his plane ticket to come home for Christmas today.  I’m sooooo excited now!  He’ll get here just before 10p on Tuesday, 12/21 and leaves at 10:30a on Sunday.  I have to work Wednesday, but took Thursday off and we have Friday anyway.  I scheduled my bi-weekly OB appointment so he could attend with me and thankfully our daycare will be open on the 23rd, so we won’t have to worry about the shrimp causing an uproar when we’re trying to see the twins.

I had another appointment this past week and everything’s still looking good.  Tech’s really certain we’ve got two little girls and now that I know better what to look for, I have to say it definitely looks like two little girls.  Big anatomy scan coming up on 12/8, where they’ll do lots of measurements and whatnot. 

If I were overweight, I’d have a really nice baby bump by now, which is kind of exciting.  Unfortunately, I just look fat to everyone else.  I’m not feeling the babies move (well, not a lot…I think I feel things every few days, but that’s it).  Sleep’s becoming…fun, b/c the the carpal tunnel’s acting up AND I have an additional guest in bed with me these days.  Yup, the shrimp has taken up nightly residence with me and the past few days have seen our pretty husky, Mika, hopping into the room as well.

Writing Life
I have written a whopping 3,000 new words or so at most, none of which will probably ever see the light of day in the past two months.  This is good, yet not good, since I’m not supposed to be doing fiction right now.  I have no viable plots.  Well, I do have one that isn’t bad, but I’m missing the “other” plot (since I usually have two interwoven plots). 

I still haven’t heard back on the couple of e-pub submissions I made, which some would say could be a good thing.  One of them, I heard back from on Rage within 5 weeks (rejection), so I’m thinking since they’ve had Dreams longer it could be a hopeful sign.  The other I’ve never submitted to before so I don’t know what their turn-around time actually is (both companies state 12-16 weeks).

Also still waiting on the handful of agent fulls floating out there.  Hopefully something pops, but if not I shall keep writing and perfecting the craft, though I will probably set aside the Blood Wars Saga (the vamp storylines) and work on one of the other races available so I can keep my same alternate reality.  I think it’s a good one, it’s just going to be a matter of finding the right agent/editor/publisher with the right work at the right time (pretty much same as any other author).

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!



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