Baby Gender and More

As I mentioned in my last post, I had an ultrasound this past week and I was able to talk the tech into going specifically to search for genders.  She poked around a little, hemmed and hawwed.  And came up with…

Granted, this isn’t a 100% certainty, but she was pretty sure what she saw was girl parts.  Lord knows I was looking hard and I didn’t see any, er, flagpoles waving.  Granted, assuming the tech is right, this doesn’t change anything in how I decorate the baby’s rooms because I was going gender-neutral anyway for something in greens and/or yellows.  There’s a cute line from Babys R Us which is Winnie the Pooh and still green.
Daddy, of course, is over the moon and has been oogling baby girl clothes ever since.  Some pretty cute stuff out there.  But I cracked first.  I was at the store today and saw some baby clothes on sale for only $2.00.  Got this fuschia onesie that says “Little Princess” underneath a tiara and a purple onesie that says “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s”.  They keep getting called his little princesses.  Oy vey, I can soooo see them growing up as Daddy’s little girls.
Well, at least I’ll get to see the hubby over Christmas.  Come heck or high water, we’re getting a plane ticket for him to fly out for the holiday (come in on Wednesday red-eye and leave Sunday afternoonish).  We’re all psyched and can’t wait.  I’ll probably have a nice little baby belly by then.  Maybe, just maybe, the kicks will be hard enough for him to feel.
It’s cute.  He went to the bookstore today and read a pregnancy book.  A little startling when he started asking about Kegel exercises (partially ’cause I had to go look up what exactly they were), but very exciting with how into this pregnancy he’s been.  I love my husband.  Christmas is gonna be AWESOME!

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  1. Congradulation!I'm so happy to hear that you are happy today.It is so great to be pregnant during the holidays! You get to eat all you want to not feel guilty about it!Enjoy the shopping. Just remember to save so stuff for other people to buy you and the babies this season! 🙂


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