Life and Contests

ContestsLast week I boldly declared I was done with contests.  And perhaps I am as far as it goes with writing contests.  Now blog/Facebook/random drawing contests…not so much.  I’ve been having some great luck this year entering a variety of non-writing contests. 

On Facebook today, I actually was the random winner from a Carina Press contest – the prize is one digital download from CP.  Pretty cool, as I can think of several I might like to try out.  Last Friday The Knight Agency had a random trivia question and the first poster got a copy of Lords of Passion (written by one of their authors, Kate Pearce along with two others).  I got the ticket to RomCon of course and subsequently got pulled in the drawings for the intimate chats with Christine Feehan and Elizabeth Hoyt.  Yes, overall, random contests have been my friend this year.

As you can see by the sidebar, I’m 16 weeks and a couple of days along.  I have an OB visit tomorrow where they’ll do some bloodwork, etc., including a cervix check.  It’s standard of care for my OB’s chain to check that every 2 weeks from week 16 through 32 for people carrying twins.  I’m changing offices to a different one in the chain because of how the new office bills (long story there).  With any luck, they’ll be nice enough to try for pictures of the Shrimpettes and (with even FURTHER luck) perhaps the little darlings will be polite enough to give us a peek at their nether regions and give us a clue whether I’ve got girls, boys, or one of each.  I’m still hoping for one of each.

I love the end results of pregnancy.  I despise being pregnant – the constant worrying about whether they’re healthy, whether I’m going to be able to CARRY them to term, etc.  It’s all in God’s hands, I know, but still, it’s a big question.  It’s pretty awesome (the towering responsibility) thinking that there are these two little people squirming around in my tummy and (okay, here’s the egotist/drama-queen side of me) I’m all that stands between them and the Abyss.  I just hope they don’t grow up hating that they have me as a mother.

The Boy
I haven’t talked about my boy in a long time.  He was absolutely adorable as Iron Man for Halloween, I have to admit.  I’ve said he can sleep with me on the weekends while Daddy’s in Florida, but last weekend that didn’t realy work out so well.  Last night (this morning?) around 2a, he climbed into bed and, given it was 2am, I just didn’t have the energy or drive to actually get up and put him in his own bed.  I don’t think he slept very well after that.  I know both times I went to the bathroom after that point, he sat right up as if to silently ask, “Is it time to get up now?”

He misses his daddy.  I miss his daddy, and my best friend, too.  My heart goes out to all those military wives, once again, who do this on a regular basis by themselves.



  1. Hi Tory,Don't take your contest results too much too heart. They veer so wildly, and having such wildly differing scores is actually a sign you have a very strong voice.You'll find people love you or . . not. But you will find an audience. I enjoyed your entry in the contest very much and honestly think you have tons of talent.Keep plugging away. You'll find a market.Theresa Monsey /Writing as Trish McCallan


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