Survived the First Week!

That’s pretty darned awesome.  I made it through my first week without the husband.  I think I can do this.  Getting a whole new respect (though I already thought very highly of them anyway) for military wives (or husbands) who see their spouses off for months (or years) at a time.  Unfortunately, I think I’ve got the better end of the deal.  My poor hubby’s chosen roommate is not all we could hope for.  He’s miserable, and alone.  At least I have the Shrimp to make me laugh (and pull my hair out, for that matter).

I may have to break down and do some writing this weekend, both on a paper that I absolutely have to get done (though I have no interest in it whatsoever) and a scene or two that are really starting to prod at me.  Doesn’t help that four of my vamps popped into my dreams last night.  Amusing little dream, really.  There they were, Dara, Anthony, Chris and Jordan.  Jordan was trying to steal a nuclear warhead (don’t ask me why – he didn’t explain).  Dara and Anthony had the codes for it and were taunting him that he wouldn’t be able to steal it.  He was trying to hack into it while Chris was watching and periodically casting a spell or two to disrupt Jordan’s efforts.  To say the least, he was..displeased.  And that’s about it.  I don’t know WHY they weren’t like reporting him or something, but there ya have it.

If there’s any vamp in my world I feel sorry for, it really is poor Marcelo.  While he’s a (generally) good man (incubus/vampire, choose your word for him), he just never really…emerged as an alpha hero.  He’s a hero, but definitely, beyond all doubts, a beta.  It works for him (and Blood Dreams), but he’ll never have the same special place in my heart as the other heroes from my stories do. 

Hopefully everyone has great weekend plans.  Mine involve grocery shopping, a trip to the library and laundry.  Um, yay.  And resting.  Lots of resting as possible with the boy bouncing around.  Tell me what’s on the agenda, let me be jealous! 🙂  Have fun!


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